Four Reasons We Love Spring!

Every year we excitedly look forward to March 21. Why, you ask? It is the first day of spring! Here are 4 reasons we love spring!

1. Spring means new life and new beginnings. Spring is that wonderful time of year when we get to come out of hibernation and celebrate the coming of new life. Let us all take advantage of the new energy that spring will bestow upon us. Let us cast off the old and embrace the new.

2. Spring lifts your attitude. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it is nearly impossible to be in a bad mood. It is no coincidence that the first day of spring is also the International Day of Happiness.

3. Baseball season starts. Baseball season is the best season because of outdoor afternoon games, sunshine, hot dogs, and cheering on your favorite team! Baseball is Bob’s favorite sport to play and to watch (especially when his kids or grandkids play)!

4. Spring cleaning. OK, we understand that most people do not like to clean as much as we do! However, there is something so refreshing and renewing about going through your belongings and deciding what to keep and what to ditch. It’s almost as if you are cleaning your mind and spirit! If you need some help during your spring cleaning, check out the extra services we provide below.

From now until June 20 we are blessed with the wonderful season that we call spring. Spring will pass fast, so enjoy every moment of it! Happy spring, everyone!


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