As the school year gets underway life can feel very hectic. Between sports, school drop offs, work, meals and homework it can be hard to find the time you need to clean. The whole family can really benefit from having a house cleaning service for a variety of reasons.

First, when you save time cleaning you can focus on more family activities. Would you rather take a family bike ride on Saturday mornings or spend the mornings cleaning with your family? If you are sacrificing family time to clean your home it may be time to hire a housekeeper. Even if you hire someone for every other week it can cut down your cleaning time and give you more family time.

Working parents deserve a break. Non working parents too! If you work in the home or outside of it chances are you are stretched thin. Give yourself the break you need and hire someone to do your household chores. A cleaning service is a great resource for self care. There is a saying that says you cannot pour from an empty cup, make sure you take time to restore yourself so you can better care for your own family and one great way to practice some self care is to give yourself a break.

Third, when you hire a cleaning service things will be cleaned properly. Many people enlist their children to clean their homes and then walk in to find a magic eraser scrubbing the stainless steel fridge, bleach spray used on colored towels or other cleaning tragedy. When you enlist the help of a cleaning service you won’t be walking in to find cleaning tragedies anymore.

Fourth, when you hire a weekly cleaning service the unexpected guest or planned event won’t feel like such a burden. Your home will stay in a constant state of clean and when people drop by you won’t be scrambling to hide the dust bunnies and piles of laundry.

A cleaning service is not just about convenient or laziness. It can be about saving time, spending more time as a family or just giving yourself a break you deserve. Hiring a cleaning service may be one of the best things you do for your family as a whole.