Mold drove up in an ugly RV and parked, uninvited, in my shower

It is inevitable, but very frustrating to have mold move in to your bathroom. It feels like Clark Griswold must have felt when Cousin Eddie showed up for Christmas that year. Mold can be all sorts of great colors, though. At least there is that. Any sign of discoloration on a surface can be a warning sign of mold. Below are three questions you are probably asking yourself right now:

How does mold grow? Mold reproduces by releasing tiny, microscopic spores into the air. These spores are all around us and only require a tiny bit of moisture and warmth to take hold. It then needs food to grow. Dust is one of the primary food sources for mold in the home.

How can I prevent mold?
 Most importantly you will need to keep everything dry. Dry up after your bath or shower. Be sure air circulates around the room (bathrooms should have an exhaust fan). Eliminate the food sources by ensuring cleanliness. Use mold-resistant paint in the bathroom.
How do I get rid of mold? Really, it all comes down to this question, because let’s face it: none of us are going to clean and dry our bathroom every time we use it. Well, at least I’m not, so this is my favorite question. The answer isn’t so great though. Honestly, it is very difficult to get rid of it once it shows up. Why? This is gross, but when you try to scrub it away, more spores are released which simply exacerbates the problem. Ick! If your mats, shower curtains or any other fabrics have mold, it is best to throw them away. The best remedy is to use bleach and antibacterial cleaning products, which kill the spores. BUT be sure to check out the sidebar about surfaces that can be damaged by bleach and antibacterial chemicals. You may need to replace the rubber seal around your shower door if has been affected. Also, call us if your caulking is full of mold. This is an extra service we provide! We can come and scrape the caulking out, clean and dry it, and apply new caulking. This will really help. Grout can also be full of mold, and we can help with that, too. Just give your friendly (and happy) maid service a call, and we’ll come to the rescue! Who you gonna call? Moldbusters! Wait…I switched movie analogies.

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