Hiring a housekeeper has many benefits. The first, and most obvious, benefit is that you will have someone who will take care of your housework for you. Some researchers estimate that the average person spends about 8 to 12 hours every week cleaning. That’s the equivalent of one shift at a full-time job. Having that time back will do wonders for your life satisfaction. Also, you could actually end up saving some money. Psychological benefits are not the only benefits of hiring a housekeeper.

The Economics of Hiring a Housekeeper

On the surface, hiring a housekeeping company seems like an obvious expense. It’s one that many people cut when they’re trying to save money. However, it might not be as expensive as you think. Obviously, there’s the initial cost of hiring a housekeeper. However, they’ll save you eight to twelve hours per week on cleaning. That means you’ll be able to spend them optimizing your work schedule if you’d like.

Some people choose to use their extra time to work an extra shift at their job or to pick up a side job. Both of those could increase your income to the level that your housekeeper actually saves you money. Even if you don’t decide to make more money with your extra time, the financial benefits of the time saved remain.

The Psychology of Hiring a Housekeeper

Research has found that the best way to use money to improve your happiness is to spend it on time. That means spending it on vacations and relaxing activities. It also means spending it on things that will save you time such as a housekeeper. When polled, those who have housekeepers rank their well being as higher than those who do their own cleaning. The benefits carry beyond just general feelings too. Those with housekeepers rank higher in job satisfaction and lower in anxiety as well. There are many proposed reasons for this.

One proposed reason is simply that cleaning is stressful. Knowing that you need to clean or will need to clean in the future creates anxiety. Knowing that your housekeeper will come and clean for you could alleviate that anxiety. Also, those who have housekeepers are more free with their free time. For example, if you are relaxing on the couch while there is cleaning that you should be doing, it could cause you stress. Knowing that it’s already taken care of will help you relax. Also, your down time will not be spent on basically working a second job as a cleaner.