While many people enjoy coming home to a clean house after a long day, there are more benefits than just having a clean home when you hire a maid service. In previous articles, we have discussed the time savings aspects of professional house cleaning. There are other, equally important benefits involved as well. We’ll go over a few benefits as shared with our happy customers in this article. Some may be obvious, but others may not have been.


One of our Boise clients realized he had much more time available to him after hiring Happy Homes Maids in the fall of 2017. With that free time, he completed a long awaiting project of cleaning out his garage. Once the garage was clean, he could park both vehicles inside for the first time EVER. Fast forward to spring 2018 and he realized that he didn’t have to scrape his windshield one time through the entire winter. That was a surprising benefit that he never realized would come with hiring a house keeping company!


Two of our Nampa clients adopted a new puppy this year, a German Shepherd. Thanks to the free time the couple enjoy after hiring our team, they can spend more quality time training their newest addition. Both husband and wife work long hours that would have made training difficult if they had to add house cleaning to their already overloaded plates. The well-trained puppy is progressing nicely thanks to the time they can dedicate to her in the early years.


You become hooked on gaining back free time once you realize how much better your life can be when it’s spent doing things you want to do versus things you have to do. Another one of our Boise clients decided he’d hire a lawn service for the first time. Why not? He had so much more time thanks to our maids, how much more time could he gain if he didn’t have to take care of the yard? Be warned…gaining lost hours can become addictive!

The moral of the story? Save time whenever possible! It’s a non-renewable resource…once it’s gone, it’s gone! If you have a choice between cleaning your house or spending time doing what you enjoy, pick the latter. You’ll be glad you did! Happy Homes Maids and other providers can take care of the former!