What Exactly Is a Green Cleaning Service?


When you are searching for different cleaning services, you’ll see many of them advertised as “green” cleaning services. You’ve likely seen many different services advertised as green, ranging from home painters to laundry detergent. There’s a general sense that green, or environmentally friendly, chemicals are ones that are not processed in laboratories as heavily and that break down easily in a natural habitat. They’re things that you could feel okay composting or pouring in a storm drain. Is that really the case? What does that mean for cleaning products specifically?

Health benefits of a clean home


It may be hard to want to clean your house but walking into a clean home is a wonderful feeling. There are a lot of benefits that come from keeping your home clean that go beyond the tidy appearance. Productivity, stress and even your health can be affected by the cleanliness of your home.

Can a Maid Service Save Marriages?


The real question is, “do married couples fight over a dirty house?” The answer to that question is yes! Especially in today’s world where both spouses typically work long hours. When it comes time to clean the house, nobody wants to get moving and it can cause a lot of stress between the couple.

Housekeeper vs Maid Service: Is there a difference?


The short answer is “maybe”! While the difference may be small to some, depending on who you ask, there could be dramatic difference. For those of us that grew up during the Brady Bunch era, we think of Alice, the live-in housekeeper that provides cleaning services along with cooking and a little bit of childcare! Many people nowadays associate housekeepers solely with cleaning services thanks to personal chefs becoming more popular as domestic employees.

How Much Should You Pay a Housekeeper?


There is no set standard for the price of housekeeping across the United States. Costs of living are drastically different in different parts of the country, which leads to radically different prices. Also, the way that housekeepers charge can differ from business to business. There are some general rules of thumb, but they’re not ironclad. For example, you will likely pay more if you hire a cleaning company as opposed to an independent contractor. There will be some added assurances if you hire a company but you will pay more. Here’s how much you should be paying, in general terms.

What Does It Mean For a Housecleaner to be Bonded and Insured?


If you are looking to hire a house cleaner who works for a company, you’ll see several different sources recommend that you hire one is bonded and insured. While there are many questions to ask a cleaning contractor before hiring someone, this is definitely one of the more important ones. It’s considered incredibly important for their trustworthiness and reliability that they be bonded and insured. However, many sources fail to adequately explain what it means to be bonded and insured. So, here is what it means.

Be Worry Free with Professional Maid Service


As busy adults have many issues throughout the day that add stress to our lives. Paying bills, feeding the family, keeping the yard work up, etc. One way to quickly reduce some of your daily stress is to hire a maid service to keep your home clean in ways you could never imagine!

3 Trends in the House Cleaning Industry


House cleaning is one of the oldest professions of the industrialized world. Once workers began to spend their time working at industries away from the home and a middle class began to emerge, people began to realize they needed someone to help them around the house. The house cleaning industry emerged and has been largely unchanged ever since. For 150 years, housekeepers have come over and cleaned and then left. That’s about all there is to it. However, there are still trends that are emerging in the industry.


1 — It’s Easier Than Ever

 One of the trends in the cleaning industry is a trend across basically all service jobs. The housekeepers are making it easier than ever for you to get your house cleaned. Many of them work through apps that you can download on your phone. Some of them can be found, hired, and evaluated on an app. That provides you with some protection if you’re hiring a freelancer who is not affiliated with a larger business. Others simply request payment and get paid through apps on the phone. That means you won’t have to worry about writing checks, withdrawing money, or getting your housekeeper’s money on time. You can just make the transaction from your phone.


2 — Free Cleaning Tools

 Many housekeepers are giving their customers free cleaning tools such as proprietary cleaning solutions. They might give away branded scrub brushes, dusters, and rubber gloves. There are a few reasons why this trend has been growing. For one, it is a way for a housekeeping company to advertise for free. Every time you clean up a spill on your kitchen counter, you’ll see their logo. It gives you their contact information right at hand when you’re thinking about cleaning.

Also, it encourages customers to keep their homes a little bit cleaner than they might have otherwise. That makes it easier for housekeepers when they do come over.


3 — Green Cleaning

 Eco-friendly cleaning has been growing in popularity as well. Eco-friendly cleaning typically means that house cleaners will use chemicals that are safe to be discarded. Many house cleaners have been exploring different ways to make use of vinegar, for example. Acetic acid is the primary ingredient in vinegar; at high concentrations, it’s a fairly strong acid. It can be used to clean everything from ovens to windows.

These are just three of the most popular trends in the cleaning industry; as technology changes, the industry is constantly innovating.

Can You Actually Save Money by Hiring a Maid?


Hiring a maid seems like the kind of thing that you have to have a lot of money to accomplish. It’s obviously another line in the budget; so, it stands to reason that hiring a maid will end up costing you money. However, that might not be the case. Is it possible that hiring a maid will actually save you money in the long run? It’s possible.


How Much Time You Spend Cleaning

 The basic contours of the calculation involve what are called opportunity costs. When you take time out of your day to clean your home, you are foregoing some other activity in that time. The things you are not doing are the opportunity costs. If you are skipping time spent relaxing or watching television, then the opportunity cost is not quite as apparent. However, if you’re taking time off from work to get home an hour early to clean or if you work from home, the opportunity cost will be the lost productivity. So, you first need to calculate how much time you spend cleaning your house. Most estimates say that time spent cleaning averages to about an hour a day. That’s usually not evenly distributed, but it averages to about 7 to 10 hours a week. That’s 28 to 40 hours a month.

Some people spend more time and some spend less; if this seems far off of what you spend, you should time yourself while cleaning to figure it out. Once you’ve done that, you need to place a value on your time. If you routinely come home an hour early from work to clean, you can just calculate how much you would make if you stayed at work. That’s pretty simple. If not, you should do some calculations to determine how much you could reasonably expect to make in that hour. That’s the monetary value of your opportunity cost.


How Much The Maid Charges

 Once you’ve valuated your opportunity cost, you should look into how much the maid charges. Research shows the average maid charges between $25 and $35 per hour. Others charge by the square foot. Research shows that most people spend about $150 per visit. They’ll typically come to your house once or twice a month.

Then, it’s time to just do some math. If you spend 10 hours a week cleaning and you value your time at $15 per hour, that’s $150 in opportunity cost. You could hire a maid once a month and break even. You also have to consider how much it’s worth it to you not to have to clean all the time. A maid could be more affordable than it appears at first.

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