If you have persistent allergies or illnesses, you might find that your home itself is to blame. Substances in your home could be making you ill. Common culprits are mold, mildew, dust, and insects. These allergens are sometimes filtered out by a HEPA HVAC filter but not always. Furthermore, you have to change your filters regularly to make sure they stay effective. You also need to vacuum carpets, mop hardwood, and dust all over your house. That is the only surefire way to remove dust and allergens. If you don’t have the time or energy to do this yourself, you should hire a maid service.

Carpet Cleaning

Typically, maids will not do a full carpet cleaning involving shampooing and steam cleaning. However, that’s not actually necessary to get your carpet clean. A good, thorough vacuuming will remove dust and allergens from your carpet. That could instantly make you feel better. Your carpet might not seem dusty or dirty, but every time you walk on your carpet, you’re disturbing tiny molecules. You then inhale those molecules, and they then irritate you.

Also, your carpet is a soft, fibrous material that could be trapping smells. If your home smells stuffy and stale even after you clean it, it could be because you need to have the carpet vacuumed professionally.

Cleaning Hardwood

Hardwood floor is very durable and long-lasting; however, it needs to be maintained. If your hardwood floor is not maintained, dust and dirt will get tracked around the floor. Walking on that dust and dirt will scratch it. If pet urine or moisture is allowed to sit on the floor for too long, it eats away at the polyurethane and degrades the hardwood. To avoid this, you need to clean it regularly. A maid can clean it regularly to keep it in great shape. That clean floor will also discourage pests from coming into your home. They go where they think they can find food. If you keep your floor clean, they won’t smell food and thus will stay away from your home. With fewer pests, you will likely be exposed to fewer allergens.

Dusting Surfaces

Surfaces such as shelves and cabinets can collect a lot of dust. That dust can be an irritant that causes respiratory problems. Cleaning it up will reduce the chances of you being irritated by stirring up dirt.

In these ways, a maid service can clean your house and make you feel a little bit better if you suffer from ailments due to an unclean house.