Think of all the shoes that walk through your home – and where they’ve been. Carpets can hold dust, bacteria, fungus, and dirt after only a short time of normal wear and tear. Even though you may be vacuuming your carpet regularly, having it professionally cleaned can keep it from smelling and lengthen the life of the carpet.

The dry cleaning method should be used more as a maintenance clean and contains very little water combined with safe cleaning agents (you never have to worry about pets or your children with our cleaning supplies!). These agents are able to cling to dirt in order to break them down and loosen them from the fibers of the carpet before being vacuumed up. Additionally, these cleaning agents work to protect your carpet’s fibers from future stains as well. With this method, there is almost no disruption to your house as people can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning.

The steam cleaning method should be done at least once a year in order to get a deep clean. However, steam cleaning should not be scheduled too often because it can wear into the carpets too much. People with allergies and sensitivities can really benefit from steam cleaning because it can get rid of the bacteria, pet scents, and mold in carpet. Something that is important to remember with steam cleaning is that the carpet will need time to dry properly – around 24 hours is a typical timeframe.

Let us worry about your carpet! It’s important that your carpet is cleaned every 3-6 months, with a steam clean scheduled at least once a year. We can regularly clean your flooring on a scheduled rotation, so you don’t have to coordinate how often it needs to be done on your own.

Happy Homes carpet cleaning services will be able to clean your carpet with the correct method for its fibers and underlay. We are well equipped to handle any carpet you have, whether it needs to be processed dry or wet.



When you select us to professionally clean you carpets, we offer two different cleaning methods. Which process (dry or wet) is the best in your case depends on factors such as the carpet type, wear and tear, and the amount of soiling. Most carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be cleaned every 12 months depending upon the number in the household, amount and type of activity, and the shade of the carpet. To get the most useful life out of your carpet we recommend that you dry clean your carpets regularly every 3 to 6 months, or before they become too heavily soiled, and to schedule a steam clean once a year. In spite of beliefs to the contrary, frequent cleaning will not cause the carpets to re-soil faster. Please call us to schedule a free in-home recommendation and estimate.

  • Step 1: Vacuum
  • Step 2: Pre-Spot
  • Step 3: Pre-Condition
  • Step 4: Extraction and Rinse
  • Step 5: Protective Coating
  • ​Step 6: Drying

When combining regular carpet cleaning with our Healthy Home System, your home will be cleaner, and stay cleaner than ever before!

Happy Homes Maids offers two different methods of carpet cleaning – dry and steam cleaning. While dry cleaning is recommended every 3 to 6 months, steam cleaning should only be performed 1-2 times a year. Dry cleaning is more of a maintenance service, where the steam method is a deep clean.

Nope! We perform all the necessary cleaning for your carpet to ensure the best clean possible without any effort from you.

We are happy to move your furniture in order to give your carpet a proper clean. However, if there are special pieces or excessively heavy furniture you’d rather not have our team move on their own, please do so before we get to your home!

Dry carpet cleaning takes no time at all to dry – in fact, you can walk on the carpet as the process is happening! Steam cleaning, on the other hand, can take upwards of 24 hours to completely dry. We recommend you take extra precautions in your home to ensure you aren’t stepping on the carpet at this time. However, we will always work around your schedule to impact your home life as little as possible!

The length of time it takes to clean a carpet can vary depending on how dirty the carpet is, what method of cleaning is used, and how many pieces of furniture need to be moved. For the most part, the cleaning portion will take about 20 minutes per room.

The Happy Homes carpet cleaning solution is nontoxic and completely safe for children and pets.


Keeping your carpet clean is crucial to maintaining its resale value, colors, and longevity. Depending on the amount of foot traffic through your home, the frequency of steam and dry cleanings will fluctuate. Happy Homes Maids has years of experience cleaning carpets and will be able to tell you how often (and with what method) your carpet should be maintained with.

Allowing us to clean your carpet can help your family breathe better with the contaminants and bacteria we remove. Additionally, with proper cleaning, we can help remove some of the worst odors from pet stains that have accumulated on your carpet. Instead of doing the cleaning yourself and potentially missing areas or not using the proper method for your carpet fibers, using Happy Homes Maids ensures your home is well taken care of (and you know we won’t miss a spot!).

As a local professional, we can help remove dirt, bacteria, and stains from your carpet without leaving any lasting residue from our cleaning agents. In all of our cleaning services, we never use any unnecessary cleaning chemicals in your home. Our products are 100% safe for children and pets, so you never have to worry about toxic residue.

As the experts in carpet cleaning in Boise, Happy Homes Maids can help you maintain a better home! With our carpet cleaning services, your flooring will be on the road to less bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants that affect everyone living in your home. Through our multi-step process, we will help you decide which cleaning method to go with to properly care for your carpet. When you combine consistent carpet cleaning with our Healthy Home System, your home is guaranteed to be cleaner than you have ever seen before! Our employees are trained to provide the quickest, most efficient cleaning services in order to cause the smallest disruption in your home life (and that means working with your schedule to the best of our ability!). Increase the longevity of your carpet and boost your resale value by carpet cleaning you can trust.

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