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Seven Questions to ask when interviewing Maid Services



When interviewing a new maid service you may wonder what questions are important to ask. These questions can save you headaches down the road.

1- Are your insured? Are you bonded? This question is vital to protecting yourself. The company you are hiring should have worker’s compensation insurance and liability. Worker’s comp is really important for keeping you from being held liable for any job-related injuries. Some homeowners insurance may cover these costs but does not always cover people working in the home.

2- What cleaning products do you use? Many cleaning services use their own cleaning products. If you have specific cleaning needs like green products, speciality cleaners for surfaces in your home or other preferences you will want to discuss this during the interview.

3- What references can you provide? References are so important when hiring a service like a cleaning service. They will be in your home and you will want to make sure you can trust them. Also look at online reviews, ask for recommendations from friends or on Facebook. Sites like yelp, angieslist and other service websites can be good for finding reviews and references.

4- How do you select your staff? Are they background checked? A background check can be vital to ensuring your cleaning service is a good choice. You will be allowing these people in your home, often unsupervised and for peace of mind it is nice to know they are background checked and often times drug screened.

5- Do you have certifications or training? This is a newer concept but many cleaning services are starting to add certifications to their resumes. These trainings and certificates are for skill, professionalism and safety.

6- What is the cost? When you call they will likely give you a basic quote and then when they come to your home for an interview you will be able to get a concrete price. If they are unwilling to do the project on a flat fee you may have to do an hourly cost. When working with them on the hourly cost ask them to set a cap of how many hours they can work on your home at any given time to ensure there is no big sticker shock.

7- How can I get ahold of you? Now that you have set up an interview you likely have the company’s phone number but you may need contact information for your specific crew. Make sure you have this info in case you have questions, last minute cancellations or other issues arise. Open communication lines are vital in this industry.

These questions should help you get through the basics of any maid service interview.

Keep the Messes Away in Just 5 Minutes a Day


Tips and tricks for maintaining your home in just five minutes per day.

1- Always make your bed. An unmade bed can make even the cleanest room feel messy. In many bedrooms the bed is the biggest surface and keeping your surfaces tidy is vital to keeping your space feeling clean. It just takes a minute per day to make your bed.

2- Wash one load of laundry per day. Take the time each day to start one load of laundry. You may want to run the laundry in the mornings while you are getting the kids ready for school or prefer to wash it after dinner during the bedtime cool down. One way to make this even easier is to keep the households laundry sorted into separate laundry baskets each day. Then it is simple as throwing the laundry in, adding the soap and pushing start. Then you will never have a mountain of unwashed clothes and be able to keep the house cleaner and your closets full of fresh clean clothes.

3- Put things away as you use them. Take the time to rehang clothes you tried on but decided not to wear, put toys away as they are used, keep your toothpaste tucked away in a drawer not on the bathroom sink and other similar items put away. This helps to keep messes from building up around the house and the whole house will feel easier.

4- Load the dishes as you finish eating. Dirty dishes can make the kitchen feel much messier than it is. Keeping the dishes rinsed and tucked into the dishwasher as you go can be a big help with keeping your kitchen clean. Start the dishwasher every night and unload it each morning. By keeping the sink clear of dirt dishes you will have a much cleaner kitchen.

5- Keep your car tidy. Remove trash and take out unwanted or unneeded items like extra coats, sporting equipment or other things than may clutter your car. Keep a trash bag and wipes for tidying up in the car. Keeping the car tidy can really help you feel more put together and organized.

5 Habits To Stay Organized



Staying organized is easier when you following a few basic steps and tricks. Life is busy but if you can stay on top of a few basics you will be happy to see the difference it makes in your home.

  1. Multitask when you can. When you are the phone you can walk through the house and put stray items away. Fold laundry while you catch up with family. Walk your kids toys back to their places while on the hold with the bank or other important calls. Unload the dishwasher while your kids eat breakfast. Watch a show while folding laundry.
  2. A place for everything and everything in its place. If you have an item that’s important to you that give it a home. Don’t let things pile up around your house, find them all a place. A junk drawer may seem like a waste but it can be a great place for items you need but don’t have a zone in your home for.
  3. Clean up the kitchen immediately following dinner. Clean the dishes and load them into the dishwasher, clear the counters and wipe the counters and table off. This is one of the best ways to keep your kitchen clean.
  4. Sort and throw out junk mail as soon as your bring it in. Mail is very easy to get behind on but it can be very simple to file and purge. Sort the mail and have spots reserved for to pay mail and to file items.
  5. Purge your home frequently. It is amazing how quickly new items come into your home and cause clutter. There are a lot of different strategies for clearing clutter from your home and lots of awesome books that can help you get rid of items in your home that are causing you stress or distracting from your happiness.

Keeping your house organized is just part of the work. Keeping it clean is the next step. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a great way to keep the house clean each week.

summer cleaning tips

Summer Cleaning and Organizing Tips


As the summer starts to heat up your likely have some questions about how to prepare your space for the change of seasons. There are areas you need to clear out, clean and tidy. When summer hits we all want to get the most out of our decks or patios. Starting with cleaning and inspecting this space can help you get the most out of it all season.

benefits of hiring a housekeeper

The Psychological Benefits of Hiring a Housekeeper


Hiring a housekeeper has many benefits. The first, and most obvious, benefit is that you will have someone who will take care of your housework for you. Some researchers estimate that the average person spends about 8 to 12 hours every week cleaning. That’s the equivalent of one shift at a full-time job. Having that time back will do wonders for your life satisfaction. Also, you could actually end up saving some money. Psychological benefits are not the only benefits of hiring a housekeeper.

Oven cleaning

Will Your Maid Clean Your Oven?


Your oven is oftentimes forgotten when you’re cleaning your house. Many people don’t even notice their oven is dirty until they’re using it and it starts to smoke. If it is constantly smoking or if it smells unpleasant, that’s a sure sign that you need to clean it. Typically, a maid service will clean the outside of the oven and the stovetop; that’s included in the normal services. However, cleaning the inside is typically not included. That requires getting on your hands and knees, scrubbing, and using caustic chemicals in some cases. Some of the most popular cleaners use butane, sodium hydroxide, and other very strong chemicals. That’s why maids normally charge extra.

Prepare for housecleaners

How to Prepare for the Housecleaners


It might seem counter-intuitive that you should prepare your house before the house cleaners show up; however, it can be important for several different reasons. You should put certain breakables away, perhaps hide something valuable, and also clean up certain things. Here is what you should do before your first meeting with a new house cleaner.

Fragile Items

There are certain fragile items that you should put away or at least label when you prepare for your housekeepers. If you haven’t worked with this particular housekeeper before, you might not know how they work. You might be worried that they’ll accidentally break fragile items. So, there are a couple of options. You can put your fragile items away before the housekeeper shows up. Put them into a drawer or closet and clearly label that you don’t want the housekeeper to open that closet. Alternately, you could use sticky notes on each fragile item. Put a nice note indicating that you don’t want the housekeeper to touch them.

It’s important that you talk to the housekeeper before the first cleaning. That’s the best way to establish your boundaries. The sticky notes or the closet should just be a reminder of things to which you’ve already agreed.

Secure Valuable Items

If you have hired your housekeeper from a respectable service, you shouldn’t have to worry about theft. The same is true of an independent housekeeper who is well recommended by people you trust. However, if you are still worried, you should put away valuable items. The best option is to put them into a drawer or a closet and lock the door.

It’s better to hire a trustworthy housekeeper from a reliable housekeeping service or one who is well-recommended.

Clean Up a Little

It’s definitely counter-intuitive to clean up before the housekeeper shows up, but it can be important for several reasons. It’s important to clean up before your maid shows up because you don’t want the maid to spend too much time on things that you could do for yourself. If the cleaners charge by the hour, the amount of time they spend will obviously increase the amount of money you spend. If the cleaner charges based on the difficulty of the job, you’ll also end up spending more money.

Before the first cleaning, talk to the housekeeper about how much they will clean of your house. Doing a quick cleaning will make their job easier, save you money, and make the entire process go more quickly.

Will Your Maid Cut Your Grass?


The short answer is that a housekeeper will not cut your grass. However, there are housekeeping services that do include grass cutting if you ask them. You can hire a private freelancer as your housekeeper, or you can hire someone who works for a company. Hiring a company will give you more stable pricing and more security; however, it will limit what the housekeeper is able to do. For example, if the housekeeping service forbids its members from doing yard work, then your hands would be tied.

Ask Beforehand

When it comes to cutting your grass, cleaning your oven, or just about any other task that is beyond just cleaning surfaces in your house, you need to ask beforehand. Housekeepers generally work from a basic agreement. Before you hire a housekeeper, you should have the housekeeper come to your house and walk through it with you. As you do that, tell the housekeeper what you would like cleaned and how. Point out things that are very delicate and things you do not want the housekeeper to touch.

This is also the time to ask about cutting the grass. If the housekeeper says he or she is willing to cut your grass, you should ask about the charge.

Extra Charges

For tasks that are not normally included in a housekeeping arrangement, there are different ways the housekeeper might charge you. The housekeeper can charge simply based on time. They’ll charge you a flat rate per hour or half-hour. That means that cutting the grass will simply take more time.

However, since cutting the grass is more labor intensive than simply cleaning the house, it could be charged at a higher rate per hour. Thirdly, a housekeeper can charge you a fee for the work described. In this scenario, a housekeeper will tell you how much you’ll be charged for mowing the grass.

Similar Jobs

There are similar tasks around the house that you might be wondering about. Some people need their housekeepers do basic yard work that blends into the housekeeper’s standard job. For example, if the housekeeper needs to take out the trash, would they also take grass clippings or yard trash to the curb? Well, that’s the sort of thing you would need to ask the housekeeper about.

The most important element is communication. No matter what you might need your housekeeper to do, you should simply ask about it. Don’t expect anything to be included unless you agree beforehand.

What Do Maids Normally Not Clean?


There are generally two kinds of house cleaning; there is a deep clean and a basic clean. The basic clean will not cover as much as a deep clean, but it also won’t cost as much. A deep clean is much more thorough. If it’s the first time you’ve called a housecleaner or if you haven’t called one in a long time, a deep clean could be in order. If you have a standing appointment every few weeks, a basic clean will likely suffice.

What’s a Basic Clean?

Typically, a basic cleaning service will cover most of the things that you would clean on a weekly basis yourself. That means a basic cleaning service usually covers vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and cleaning of common rooms. Typically, the kitchen and the bathroom are cleaned.

In a deep clean, much more is cleaned and much more thoroughly. You’ll have to ask individual house cleaners what they consider to be included in a deep clean.

What’s Not Included?

House cleaners have a limited amount of time for each job they do. Also, clients typically don’t want to pay their house cleaner to do their daily chores. Those things generally are not included in a typical house cleaning price. Daily chores include doing the dishes, doing the laundry, and taking out the garbage. If you are hiring a house cleaner, you should not necessarily expect them to do those things. If you want them to do them, you’ll have to tell them in your initial walkthrough. They’ll likely quote you a different price for those services.

Also, intense cleaning jobs are usually not included. For example, pressure washing your driveway is not the job of a house cleaner. Some cleaning services do offer those more intense cleaning services, but you have to ask for them. You can’t expect a house cleaner to remove the oil stains in your garage or scrape paint off your deck.

Essentially, the things that are not included in your cleaning service are the thing you did not discuss beforehand. Before your first appointment with a house cleaner, they will come to your home and do a walkthrough. If they don’t, they’ll give you a list of everything they are willing to clean. In that initial phone call or walkthrough, you need to ask about certain things that you would like cleaned. If you want your dishes washed, for example, you have to tell them. If it’s not discussed, you shouldn’t expect it to be cleaned.

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