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Professional House Cleaning: More Important than Ever


Many of us are looking at spending an extended period in our homes. Far more than we are used to. The more we are home, the dirtier our house will get. The dirtier your house gets, the less you want to be there. It’s a never-ending cycle that could make you crazy if you let it. One simple solution is to have your home cleaned by a Boise house cleaner on a regular basis. The benefits are too numerous to share in one article. Here are the top three!

Why You Should Hire a Professional Maid Service For Your Office


If you are managing an office, you might need to have it cleaned from time to time. Many managers will task their employees with cleaning their offices, thinking that it will save them money. That’s not actually the case, though. In most cases, you will end up spending more money by having your employees clean up the office beyond just quick maintenance. When you task your employees with cleaning your office, you are paying them to clean. You’ll then have to pay them to do the work that they would have done in that time. So, in a sense, you’ll be paying them twice. 

Since they’re not professionals, they’ll likely do a less effective job than professionals would. So, that means you’ve paid them like professional cleaners to do a job below the standard of professionals. That’s a poor financial decision. It’s a better option to hire professionals, but make sure they are ones who specialize in cleaning offices. 

Office Cleaners

Some maids explicitly specialize in cleaning offices. That’s particularly important because offices have some particulars that can make cleaning them difficult. For example, many offices are full of dozens of computers. Computers need to be cleaned with specific cleaners and specific practices. Computer fans tend to collect dust that needs to be cleaned out. It can be vacuumed out and/or it can be blasted out with compressed air. Cans of compressed air duster or air compressors aren’t necessarily standard tools for a maid. They are pretty standard for office maids, though. 

Furthermore, offices tend to have more paper and staples around the floor. If a maid runs a normal vacuum over dozens of staples, they might damage the vacuum. Oftentimes, maids who work in offices will bring vacuums that have magnets across the front. The magnets will pick up the staples before they can get sucked up in the vacuum. 


Professional cleaners who work in offices are going to be better than other cleaners at estimating how long or how difficult the job might be. That means that they’ll be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the time involved in the job. A better estimate will allow you to budget your time more effectively; it will also make it easier to schedule. Some cleaners like to work in an empty office; if you need to empty out your office, you don’t want to do that for longer than is absolutely necessary.

Use a Professional Office Cleaning Company in Boise

If your office is a mess and you’re tired of paying your employees to only get it halfway cleaned, you need to get in touch with us over at Happy Homes Maids. We have over 20 years of experience cleaning in all types of spaces both big and small. Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

Should You Clean Your House Before The Maids Arrive?


It might sound counterintuitive to clean your house before your house cleaners arrive, but it’s a fairly common practice. There are several reasons that people do this. Some people do it simply because they don’t want a stranger to see how dirty their house has become. Maids typically aren’t judgemental, so that’s not a huge concern. However, if it’s a concern of yours, then cleaning up a little bit beforehand can help. Some people clean up around their houses so that they can more readily identify areas that they don’t want to clean. For example, if you clean up the kitchen but you have some stubborn stains on the refrigerator door, you might be able to identify them to the maid for additional attention. Lastly, cleaning up around the house can save you money. 

Saving Money

Many house cleaners will charge by the hour, or they’ll charge extra for particularly difficult areas to clean. So, if your kitchen is very dirty, it might take an hour to clean the kitchen alone. That will add an entire hour’s worth of expense to your cleaning bill. If you clean up around the kitchen yourself before the maid arrives, it might only take 30 minutes for the maid to finish up. That’s a considerable amount of money saved. 

Also, cleaning up before the maid arrives can save you money by reducing the difficulty of the cleaning job. Cleaning an oven, for example, is a very time-consuming task. If it’s already mostly cleaned, then maybe the maid won’t even charge you extra. 

Identify What You Don’t Want Cleaned

Cleaning up around your house before the maid arrives will allow you to assess what you have around the house and what you would like the maid to clean. For example, if you are cleaning around your living room, you might notice some fragile items that you’d forgotten you had. If you’re worried about those things getting broken, then you won’t want the maid to clean them. House Cleaners are typically bonded and insured against damages to your property, and they try to be as careful as they can be, but accidents do happen. You can avoid those accidents by just cleaning your fragile items and then putting a sticky note on them. 

Identify Tough Jobs

If you typically do your own cleaning, you’ll be able to identify some places that you have a hard time cleaning. You’ll be able to ask the maid to put a little bit of special attention on those areas. You won’t know that unless you clean up beforehand, though.

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