If you are looking for a way to keep your appliances working longer, you gotta keep them clean! Clean appliances work better and last longer than dirty appliances. Did you know you even need to clean your dishwasher and washing machine? Cleaning appliances doesn’t have to be difficult, we will outline different cleaning methods for all your different appliances or you can call in Happy Home Maids and get them cleaned professionally. 

The first step to cleaning all your different appliances is to bring out the manual. The manual will have cleaning instructions for all your different appliances including the fridge, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. We really should read our appliance manuals before using new appliances but no one really has time for that. Skip to the cleaning instructions and you will find maintenance steps and safe ways to keep your appliances clean. 

The Washing Machine and Dryer

The washing machine likely has a cleaning mode that makes this step easy. Cleaning your washing machine is as simple as adding a cleaning agent like a specific washing machine cleaner or vinegar to help remove soap residue and other build up. The machine will run through a special cleaning or sanitizing cycle to refresh the machine. You can wipe down different parts of the machine as well to remove any residue that won’t be removed during the cleaning cycle. The top of the machine, around the detergent dispenser and the control panel are all places you may need to wipe down. The dryer requires a little upkeep too. Cleaning the lint trap and having the vent cleaned periodically are important for the machine performance and safety. Wiping down the seals and rinsing the lint catcher occasionally are also good steps. 

The Dishwasher

The dishwasher cleans your dishes, so why do you need to clean it? Surprisingly the dishwasher needs cleaning to remove food debris and limescale. Most new dishwashers have a filter in the bottom that needs to be removed and cleaned periodically, at least once a month. This filter keeps bigger pieces of food from entering the drains and causing clogs. Mineral deposits should also be addressed to keep the machine functioning. The spinning arms often are removable so you can check for clogs and give them a good scrub to remove mineral deposits. Overall the dishwasher doesn’t need to be scrubbed just checked for build up to keep it functioning well. 

The Refrigerator

The fridge needs to be whipped down regularly but for a spring cleaning style clean you will want to pull out the drawers, shelves and other compartments and give them a good scrub. Wiping down the walls and other parts when the drawers and shelves are removed. Pulling the fridge away from the wall and cleaning behind it is also an important cleaning step to ensuring it functions properly. 


Rangetops need to be cleaned when used and occasionally a more deep clean is needed to remove burnt food and check for any deposits that may affect the function.

The Oven

The oven requires a lot of cleaning to stay functional and clean. The self clean feature may be an option or oven cleaning sprays are a great option for cleaning away the grease and grime that accumulate over time. An oven safe liner for the bottom is a great option for keeping the oven clean when used regularly. 

These steps can be done yourself but a professional like Happy Home Maids can make these different appliance cleaning methods look easy. Think about how much more enjoyable your kitchen will be to use with sparkling clean appliances.