If your carpets are in need of cleaning you may be tempted to put it off until spring but winter is actually an important time for cleaning carpets. There are a lot of factors that make winter an important time to clean your carpets if you are a homeowner, landlord or property manager. Many carpet cleaning companies find that winter is actually the ideal time to clean carpets because of health and indoor air quality.

Clean Carpets make a Healthier Home

Health is one of the top reasons that carpet cleaning is an important winter chore. The fresh air coming into your home is limited in colder months and the pollutants and allergens in carpet can affect your air quality. Carpet works as a large filter in your home and can trap dirt, debris, pet dander, pollen and more. A good cleaning can help to remove these pollutants before they become part of your indoor air. If you are looking to reduce allergy symptoms you may find that a carpet cleaning is a great solution especially if you are renting, you never know what previous tenants had in their homes and there may be pet dander embedded in your carpet. 

Waiting Only Makes them Harder to Clean

Carpet becomes harder to clean when there is more buildup. If you think your carpet needs to be cleaned it is ideal to not put it off. A professional carpet cleaning company can get out a lot of stains but when things are left to sit they can become very difficult to remove. If you see spots or stains on your carpet do not wait until spring. 

While dirt and soil may be unsightly it can also damage your carpet. The longer dirt and debris are left in the carpet the more damage it will do to the carpet fibers. Foot traffic grinds dirt and debris into the fibers of the carpet and can wear them down. Once these fibers are cut or worn away they can not be repaired, only replaced.  

More Benefits to Winter Carpet Cleaning!

Carpet cleaning isn’t just a good idea in the winter because of air quality and potential damage, it also has advantages. Winter carpet cleanings often dry faster. Winter air is very dry, helping to pull moisture from the floor more quickly. Humid summer months can mean the floor dries very slowly and can even lead to mold and mildew. The heat running in the home can also help the floor dry quicker. Wet soppy carpet can be a bummer but faster drying in winter months means you will have to deal with damp carpet for less time than in the summer. 

Appointments can be easier to get in the winter because the service is less in demand. You may also find that carpet cleaners offer promotions and discounts during the winter because of the lower demand. If you are looking to save money on your carpet cleaning winter may be the perfect way to do so. 

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All in all there are a lot of positive reasons to clean your carpets in the winter. Indoor air quality is a big factor but money savings and more availability are also big factors to consider. Clean carpets are great no matter what season. Happy Homes Maids is more than just Boise’s best maid service…they are also Boise’s best carpet cleaning company! Call today to schedule a free consultation.