Have you ever lived in a messy space? I have. It’s totally depressing. It makes me irritable, I can’t concentrate or get anything productive done. On the other hand, when my space is clean, things are the opposite. A clean house is a happy house, they say and I believe they are right. When your living space is clean, it gives you a clean outlook on life. Things don’t seem so dreary; things actually seem to be looking up. 

Having a clean house leaves you the time to focus on other things such as family time, “you” time, or other leisure activities. Your mental health is also improved when your home is clean. There is less fighting in the family home, less stress, less anxiety, and a feeling of being ready to go. You can feel more at peace with a clean living space. 

Time for you is important. Spending a lot of time cleaning will get things done, but leave little time for you, especially if you have children. If kids are a part of your life, it may be a struggle or even a battle deciding who is going to do what chore. It may be a burden on one person who always has to clean everything. It is difficult to feel happy when these things are going on. 

A house that has been thoroughly cleaned is fairly easy to maintain throughout the week. A simple brushing up on things may be all that you need. If not, then you may want to consider other options. I bet you also like to use top quality products for your house cleaning. This is common, and people can spend a good chunk of money every month just buying cleaning supplies. 

Have you ever been in someone else’s house when it was dirty and messy? Ugh, I have. It made me so uncomfortable. I felt bad for the person I was visiting and bad for myself as well. I just wanted to get out of there quick and that is true every time  this happens! I also know how it feels to be the one with a messy house. Not good at all! Best to make sure everything is clean.

When your home is clean, you can have your children bring their friends over without any qualms. They may mess it up together but hopefully that is not too big of an issue. Kids are more comfortable and mentally stable when they live in a clean space, just like we are. It is not good for them to never get to have their friends over to play. 

So whatever you do in life and whatever your situation, a clean home is much better than a dirty one. You may be able to do it alone, but often people need the help of other people, if the mess is considerable, as it can be in a family home. Cleanup time for everyone! When we all pitch in, we are all happy.