Cleaning your shower is a part of life. Unfortunately, if not done correctly, it can be a hard task. Here are a few handy tips from the professional house cleaners at Happy Homes Maids!

You first need to remove all the soap scum. This will allow you to focus on more of the cosmetic cleaning that makes a shower look clean. The scum on the floor is a combination of water minerals, dirt, oil, skin cells and soap lather. Shower walls, floors and doors are all subject to soap scum and need a good scrub down, concentrating on the floor the most.

Removing soap scum requires a few things like a mild cleaning solution, a scrubbing pad or non-abrasive sponge (these are usually blue and white) and, most importantly, some elbow grease. Baking soda and vinegar are a great combination if you do not have a cleaning solution at home. First, spray the shower with vinegar and then a scrub in a circular motion with baking soda to remove the scum. Running a hot shower before the job can help to loosen the scum and allow you to better remove it without working quite as hard.

The shower doors may also need scrubbing to be clear and shiny again. Work through some of the same soap scum tactics above to get the initial layer clean. If hard water stains persist, you may need to hire a pro to come in and get it cleared up. Keeping a squeegee in the shower is a great option to keep the glass clean between cleanings. After using the shower, squeegee the water from all the surfaces to keep scum and hard water from building up. This can be tedious, but will save you time and money in the long run if the stains become too severe.

Pay particular attention to the faucet, knobs, and other fixtures as well. Many times, a simple cleaning with a mild cleaning solution will do the trick on these areas. They don’t tend to stain quite as badly as the other areas within the shower. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they may damage the chrome or metallic finish. Drying them off when done is always a good idea as a preventative measure.

Showers require constant maintenance and can be a big project. A cleaning service is a great way to keep your shower beautiful and soap scum free.