When you hire a new housekeeper for the first time, it’s important to do some research. Make sure you know how much they charge, what time they’ll show up, how long it will take, whether they bring their own supplies, and what they need from you. These are all important conversations to have. Typically, that happens when they do a walk-through of your space before the first cleaning. However, some housekeepers just list additional charges for “specialty services” without always clarifying what that includes. There are a few things that you should know are considered specialty; if you don’t read closely or ask the right questions, you might not realize certain things aren’t typically included.


Kitchen Appliance Cleaning

 Kitchen appliances are some of the most difficult parts of your house to clean. They combine practically every aspect of a difficult cleaning situations. They experience frequent use, they’re heated regularly, and they face lots of oil. All of those things combine to make difficult cleaning. Most housekeepers will clean the outside of a kitchen appliance in their standard repertoire of services. However, you’ll need to ask about cleaning the insides. Cleaning the front of an oven with some surface cleaner is completely different from actually cleaning inside of an oven.

Cleaning inside and oven requires time, heat, and special cleaning solutions. It’s also very labor-intensive. If you need someone to clean the inside of your refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven, you need to ask about that beforehand.


Window Cleaning

 Windows are something that many people assume will be included in their normal housekeeping services, but many cleaning companies consider them to be specialty services. They’re a little bit more tedious than some other cleaning tasks and they don’t always need to be completed every week or every month. If nobody is smudging your windows, they should be relatively clean for quite a while. That’s why most cleaning companies don’t bother to do it unless you ask about it.

Outdoors window cleaning is yet another expense. Some companies don’t even offer it as a service.


Wall Cleaning

 Cleaning the walls is not particularly difficult, but much like the windows, they might not need it very often. So, most companies don’t include wall cleaning in their services. However, it does take enough time that they will charge you extra for wall cleaning. If you’ve got smudges on your walls, be sure to ask about wall cleaning services.

Several other services might be considered specialty depending on the company you hire.