While we all love our pets most of us could do without the fur. Summer leads to a lot of shedding and you may be wondering how to best deal with all the fur in your home, on your clothes and on your pets.

Start with a good brush. A pet brush like a “Furminator” allows you to brush your dog and cats and keep the shedding more manageable. The Furminator removes a lot of fur and can make a big impact on how much fur is introduced into your home. Brushing your pets a few times a week will cut down on how much fur you are cleaning off your furniture and clothes. Furminator brushes can also be used on some furniture to help scrap it off and remove it.

A whisk brush is a great way to get the fur off furniture and other parts of your home like curtains. The hard bristle on the brush allow you to sweep the fur off fabrics and then you can vacuum it off the floor.

Lint rollers are another vital tool for pet owners. Extra sticky lint rollers are great if you have an extra fluffy friend. Lint rollers do need to be replaced which is less ideal than some of the other options but they are great for throw pillows, clothes and other items you can’t vacuum. Most pet owners know to have a few of these stashed around the house and in the car to remove fur on the go.

A Roomba vacuum is a bigger investment but can really cut down on fur in your home. If you have a pet with longer hair or multiple coats you will love that the Roomba is always working to keep your home clean. The best part of the Roomba is that you just set it and forget it. Roombas only work on one level of your home so if you have a two story house you may see less of a benefit.

A cleaning service can help to tackle your pet fur crises with weekly cleanings. These tips are just some of the ways you can tackle your pet fur and a good maid will help to keep the problem at bay when they clean your home. Talk with your cleaning specialist about your concerns with pet fur so they can make sure to pay special attention to these areas.