Cleaning services have a wide range of prices depending on dozens of different factors. The first factor is obviously the service that you hire. There are services in your are that charge wildly different prices. The different rates could be the result of some kind of business structure or just the amount of cleaning they do. For example, an independent maid might charge less than a national business because that one person will have much less overhead. An inexperienced house cleaner might charge less because they have not established the quality of their service. Then, within those different businesses, they’ll charge you different amounts depending on the type of service you need.

Specialty Items

Oftentimes, certain types of cleaning jobs will raise the price of the service. A common example is an oven. Cleaning an oven often involves scrubbing at baked-on char that is very difficult to remove. It also commonly involves oven cleaner, which is an incredibly caustic chemical. For these reasons, house cleaning services often charge extra for cleaning an oven.

Doing the dishes might cost extra as well. Cleaning someone else’s dirty dishes is somewhat unpleasant; it’s also a job that requires several steps. So, they’ll charge you more than they would for something like dusting.

Finally, particularly dirty or hard-to-clean areas will cost you extra. Anything stained with oil will likely cost extra because it requires specialized chemicals and more scrubbing; a garage floor is a good example.

Visit Frequency

The frequency of a visit can determine how much it costs to have it cleaned. If the house cleaner comes once a week, they will charge you less per visit than a house cleaner who comes once a month. There are two basic reasons for that. For one, they want to offer you a discount for repeated services because you’ll end up spending more in the long run. They can turn a profit with a lower rate on a customer who uses them more often. Also, the amount of cleaning will be lower for more frequent visits. If the house cleaner only needs to clean up a week’s worth of mess, it won’t take as long as cleaning up a month’s worth.

You should also look into house cleaners who charge by the area as opposed to the time. If you have a small apartment, it might be beneficial to choose someone who charges by square footage.