The holidays are upon us and preparing your home for guests and festivities can feel overwhelming. Focusing on these specific areas helps your home stay in tiptop shape ready to entertain without the stress associated with cleaning it from top to bottom. Cleaning a home is a daunting task but this to do list will help you get it done quickly and effectively.

These areas are a great place to focus when preparing for the holidays. They include a variety of different scenarios like guests , parties, house guests and more. By utilizing these tips and tricks your home will be spotless and ready to shine like your beautiful Christmas tree.

Kitchen and Dining Room

The main focuses of cleaning when preparing for holidays include the kitchen, bathrooms, entryway, dining room and other rooms you may use for entertaining. The holidays really revolve around the kitchen and dining room so making sure these rooms are flawlessly cleaned helps the whole home feel cleaner. Your master bathroom is likely not going to be seen by your desk but the powder room will so focusing your energy on the powder room can help cut down on the amount of cleaning you need to do. If you are planning to host overnight guests you will want to spend some time sprucing up these rooms including dusting, cleaning out closet space and ensuring light fixtures are in workable order. Washing linens is also a great way to ensure a guest room feels clean and inviting.

Tidy Up the Laundry Room

Putting some energy into ensuring your laundry room is clean and ready to be used is a great way to cut down on stress with unexpected guests. You will be able to launder any towels and linens quickly if your laundry room is in good shape. Additionally it will be easier to keep up with extra laundry if you don’t start behind.


Cleaning your entryway is vital to preparing for winter guests. Start with the closet, creating space for guests to store their coats, umbrellas and other outdoor accessories. Move all coats and shoes from your family into their individual closets rather than this communal space. Add some extra hangers to the closet so guests can hang their coats. Adding an entryway mat  to your foyer is also a great idea. This will help with any moisture tract in from shoes and create a clean inviting space. If you have pets or will be hosting any pets a clean towel at the doorway is a great way to be prepared for wet paws. In 2021 hand sanitizer is also a great item to have at your doorway.

The Main Areas of Focus

Next you will want to prepare the kitchen. The kitchen gets much more used during the busy holiday season than you may be used to. Preparing and cleaning your fridge is a great first step, removing any old food, condiments or drinks. Keeping your applicances clean will make your life much easier! During the holidays you often need more space for party food and extra drinks. Removing extra items from your countertops is also a great idea during the holidays. It will allow you to have more counter space for holiday menu prep and also make the counters easier to wipe down and keep clean.

For the dining room you will want to dust and clean all the light fixtures. Clean off all surfaces like table tops and buffets. Preparing serving dishes for use by giving them a fresh wash is also a great way to save time on party prep. Will you recommend wandering any linens on easy days also to help party days go smoother.


Finally you want to deep clean the bathroom, especially any guest bathrooms. These highly utilized space will need continued current cleaning throughout the season but a deep cleaning can start you off on the right foot. Cleaning around the base of the toilet, deep cleaning the sinks, cleaning out any cabinets, and of course scrubbing the floors.

Hire Professional Help if Necessary

Utilizing the steps to clean your home will help you be prepared for anything the season throws at you. From unexpected guests to impromptu get-togethers your home will be clean and ready to enjoy the season with friends and family. If you get behind and need help, hire a Boise house cleaning company or maid service to take over. Call them as soon as possible as the holiday season is always busy for these companies!