The feel of a freshly cleaned up on a beautiful spring day is unmatched. Spring cleaning is such a wonderful process but it can feel like a huge burden. Did you know Happy Home Maids offers a one time cleaning service for spring cleaning? This cleaning service can transform your home from the drab feelings of winter to the clean and fresh feelings of spring. 

Spring cleaning means different things to different people but to Happy Home Maids it means wiping away the dust and grime that have collected over the winter and getting the house sparkly and fresh for the new season. Get your closets cleaned out, your clutter cleared and then let us take over. We will do a deep cleaning of all your shelves, clean all your baseboards and wipe away all the winter snow spots from your windows to let the sunshine in. 

What is a Spring Cleaning Service?

A spring cleaning service is when we come in and give the house a top to bottom deep clean. This includes all the dusting, mopping, vacuuming and any other tasks you request. Our team is adaptable and can make the cleaning anything you need from a deep cleaning of all the baseboards and walls to a kitchen scrub down. We scrub showers, tile, deep vacuum all crevices or any other area you may want cleaned. Our spring cleaning service includes anything you want cleaned. 

Seasonal Deep Cleaning

These seasonal deep cleanings help to keep the baseline of your home clean. Keeping up with cleaning can be challenging but we know all the top areas that need scrubbing and can get them sparkling clean again. A lot of cleaning tasks are not something that needs to be done all the time like cleaning behind the fridge, scrubbing the baseboards or wiping down the walls. These are things that need to be done less regularly but do make a huge impact. 

Things Happy Homes Can Clean for You

While we have talked about different packages and including whatever you need in your cleaning service it is helpful to see a list of different surfaces we can clean. 


Toilet, sinks, tubs, showers, floors, glass, light fixtures


Appliances, range tops, ovens, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, light fixtures, rangetop vents, sinks

All Rooms

Flooring (including carpet!), during, furniture, window sills, ceiling fans, and much more. 

Trust Boise’s Best House Cleaning Company!

It is never too early to do a seasonal cleaning. If it has been a long time since you deep cleaned your house you may even do a winter or fall cleaning. These cleanings are called spring cleanings because people are excited to leave winter behind and use spring as a time to shake off all the dust but that doesn’t mean spring is the only time you can deep clean your home. Having a professional perform your spring cleaning is a truly remarkable experience. Homeowners are so excited to see how beautiful their home is after Happy Homes Maids has had a chance to deep clean their space. Walking into a home that has been professional deep cleaned will make it hard to ever go back to doing your deep cleanings yourself.