As the world continues to shine a spotlight on the ways we can improve the sanitation in our lives, our homes have come under scrutiny. With the fall coming up, we tend to be even more antsy as children are going back to school (or doing hybrid schooling) and want to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our homes feeling fresh and clean. On top of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with a strict cleaning regimen and we often feel exhausted after working anyway. Using a Boise maid service is a great way to keep your cleaning schedule in tip-top shape without feeling like you never have time to relax!

For the fall, there are quite a few ways to give a fresh perspective on your home as we start to spend more time indoors during the colder months. Before your home starts to feel stale and static, give these ideas a try (or let our expert cleaners at Happy Homes do it for you!).


Take your normal cleaning routine up a notch.

Start with your typical checklist: Doing the dishes, washing bedding in all rooms of the house, scrubbing the bathrooms, etc. Instead of doing the minimum of these, take it up a notch! Wipe out the dishes in your china cabinet your rarely touch (that you will most likely use with the holidays coming up anyway!), analyze if it’s time to buy new bedding, and take an extra look at the bathrooms. Get behind the toilet, pour the proper cleaners down the plumbing to clear it out (and get rid of lingering smells), and even wipe out the dust hanging from the bathroom fan in the ceiling! Clean the TV, the washer and dryers, wipe down the doorknobs and switches throughout the house. Find the filters inside your house and replace them if needed, along with the batteries in all the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Because cleaning chimneys and fireplaces should typically be left up to a professional, schedule an appointment with a trusted local company at a time that works for you. While you are at it, get your furnace inspected as well to ensure it is working properly.

Wipe down the light fixtures in every room along with the corners of windowsills and shelves. Move the refrigerator and oven to clean behind and underneath. Clean the curtains and blinds that haven’t been touched since you put them up. Not only are these things that will make a world of a difference in the overall sanitation of your home, but they typically don’t take longer than a few extra minutes per task to your normal routine.

Don’t forget about the outside of your home!

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. By keeping it well cleaned and maintained, you can further its life (not to mention, you’ll be able to notice a beautiful difference from before to after). Once all the leaves have dropped, clean out the gutters so that snow doesn’t get backed up on your roof and weigh it down. Complete your fall yard maintenance by picking up all the debris and leaves from trimming. Wipe down any outdoor lights and replace them if they have burned out already. One of the largest projects outdoors will be to pressure wash the home which will remove any growing mold and dirt clinging to the siding of your home.

Take the time to deep clean your BBQ from the frequent use over the summer. Wash the outside of your windows and doors. Drain the water hoses and wash off your outdoor furniture to ensure their longevity. Once they’re clean, go ahead and store them in a shed or in your garage or basement for when the weather gets warmer in the spring. While you are cleaning the outside of your home, take your time going through all the steps – you never know what you might find! With this close attention to detail, you might find that you need repairs on your steps or siding that you were not aware of before. Getting those repairs done before winter is crucial in keeping rain and snow from penetrating to the inside of your home.

It’s time to purge.

Spring isn’t the only time to get rid of things you don’t use anymore! Before you get cooped up inside too much, set aside a day to go through all your closets to pick the clothes you can donate. While you are there, go ahead and swap out your summer clothes for winter clothes to free up some even more space. Go through each room in your home to throw out (or give away or sell) any extra clutter or decorations that don’t fit your style anymore. This is also a great time to go through your basement, where you are most likely harboring many boxes of things you haven’t used in years.

Head to the kitchen for your next purge. Systematically check your pantry for old, expired food (or food that your family just doesn’t eat). If the food is still good that you want to get rid of, donate it to someone in need. While you are going through shelf by shelf, take a cleaner to the pantry shelves and close up any open containers to reduce the chances of gaining mice or food-loving insects during the winter months. Once the pantry is done, move on to the refrigerator for another purge. Many of us are guilty of pushing older containers to the back of the fridge, which eventually gets lost as we buy more and more groceries every week. Sort through everything and rearrange the shelves while cleaning for an organized feel. Now, you won’t have to worry about using mustard that’s three months old!

Unfortunately for many of us, having the time to deep clean our houses in the fall can be hard to do. If you start to feel overwhelmed by your chore list, call a Boise maid service you can trust – Happy Homes!