Getting Kids Involved with Cleaning

Children are often much more capable then we realize and even from a young age can help with cleaning tasks that will help your home stay clean and beautiful between your professional cleanings. These tasks are not just helpful to you but help your children grow into productive members of society. One way to help get your kids to do these tasks is to stop calling them chores. Try calling them tasks, jobs, or a fun name that you come up with. By avoiding the word “chores”, you’ll have a chance to remove the negative image from these important activities.

1- Swiffer

Kids often are drawn to the Swiffer because it’s a fun task. The middle section can even be removed to make a child height Swiffer that is easy for them to handle. Sweeping between maid services will help keep your home sparkling. Teach kids how to use the Swiffer in an “S” pattern to get the most effective clean. They can do any hard surface, including wood, tile or vinyl.

2- Unloading the Dishwasher

Unloading the dishwasher is a great task for kids. They can be responsible for their own dishes, all the dishes, the silverware or whatever you specify. For younger kids you may want to avoid breakable dishes or cabinets they cannot reach.

Kids are great at putting silverware in its designated area and it’s a great learning lesson for younger children. Everything has its place! Keeping their hands busy with the silverware can give you time to put away glasses and other breakable dishes.

3- Water Plants

Plants are a great addition and can make the home feel fresh and beautiful. Kids can learn a sense of responsibility for keeping the plants alive with appropriate watering. This task can be great for showing them cause and effect of their actions or forgetfulness!

4- Retrieve the Mail

Getting the mail is a great task for younger children and it can be a fun activity. This daily task is fun and easy. Kids love receiving mail, sending them sweet notes will brighten their day and this can be a fun way to encourage them to retrieve the mail. Great lessons can be learned for the price of a few stamps!

5- Clean Their Own Rooms

Cleaning their own room is a natural responsibility for children and can be dreaded. When kids are smaller you may have them keep their toys tidy and as they grow have them do more cleaning tasks like making their beds, vacuuming, and dusting. The tidying of toys can be great for keeping the house feeling much tidier throughout the week.

Make them more successful as “helpers” by showing them what you mean by the word “clean”. Setting the standard will help them more easily determine if a job is complete. These small tasks can help your kids keep your home clean and get involved in the household “chores”.


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