The world is starting to focus more and more on the environment, and so are we! We believe that the best house cleaning combines what is best for environment with what is safest for your home environment (killing bacteria and other really gross stuff that sits on counters, floors and toilets). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) takes that same stand.

professional cleaning company makes efforts to remove allergens, germs and bacteria from your home. Proper cleaning of your home can help keep you and your family healthy, cutting down on lost time due to sick days. The National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases puts home cleaning on their list of ways to prevent the common cold.

Cleaning that makes sense, using the right products and tools for the job

We use the highest quality professional cleaning products, which are vetted for safe use, and fall within (EPA) guidelines. With your family’s health as our priority, we use disinfectant in places that need to be sanitized to prevent the spread of illness and disease, as recommended by the EPA. Keeping your home clean means keeping your family healthy. Beyond keeping your home clear of bacteria and germs, your cleaning service should also keep your home clean of ordinary dirt and grime. Vacuuming and sweeping doesn’t change much with green practices.

Finding the right balance between green cleaning and effective cleaning products is vital to getting customers the finished product they are looking for. Cleaning your home is a lot of work and we want to ensure that your maid service does all the hard work for you.

We use the highest quality HEPA filter vacuums – the best vacuum filtration available today. HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of all particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more and largely prevents these asthma and allergy triggers from being returned back into the air via the vacuum’s exhaust. This high-quality filtration system is critical for the management of allergy symptoms.

Environmentally safe practices

We use wool dusters and microfiber cloths while cleaning your home, which are long lasting and reusable. We use highly concentrated cleaning products and reuse our spray bottles. We schedule our homes as efficiently as possible to save on driving. These and other practices are another part of our commitment to our environment.

As a professional house cleaning company, we take pride in keeping your home healthy and free of germs, bacteria and allergens, which keeps your family safer and healthier. We are committed to keeping your home, your loved ones, and the environment healthier and happier.

When talking to your cleaning service, be sure to discuss if there are cleaning practices are important to you, or chemicals that you have allergies or reactions to. You will need to figure out your cleaning preferences to ensure the ideal cleaning for your home.

In the end, we feel the balance we strike between a healthy clean for your home and family, and a clean focused on being environmentally friendly, is a great fit for people who are worried about the environment and their family’s well-being. Environmentally friendly maid services are a great way to get your home clean and protect our planet at the same time!