What Exactly Is a Green Cleaning Service?

When you are searching for different cleaning services, you’ll see many of them advertised as “green” cleaning services. You’ve likely seen many different services advertised as green, ranging from home painters to laundry detergent. There’s a general sense that green, or environmentally friendly, chemicals are ones that are not processed in laboratories as heavily and that break down easily in a natural habitat. They’re things that you could feel okay composting or pouring in a storm drain. Is that really the case? What does that mean for cleaning products specifically?

Cleaning Products

Environmentally friendly cleaning products are often billed as natural or organic; however, that doesn’t really tell you very much. Ammonia, chlorine, and benzene are all natural as well. However, they’re considered harmful and not good for our planet. Green cleaning products are those that tend to have very few, if any, volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Those are carbon-containing compounds that evaporate at room temperature. Natural gas, gasoline, benzene, and several other compounds are hydrocarbons that contain VOCs.

Additionally, green cleaning products are often made from products that are safe, at least in small quantities, for consumption. Many green cleaning services use white vinegar for much of their cleaning. White vinegar is a mild acid that kills most germs and cuts through most grease and oil; however, it can also be safely consumed. That’s the quintessential green cleaning product.

Sustainable Products

The sustainability of cleaning products is another aspect of green cleaning. There’s nothing harmful about a paper towel, for example, but reducing the use of appear will reduce the amount of trees that are cut down. That’s why many green cleaning services are moving to bamboo paper towels and bamboo cloths. Bamboo can be as strong and absorbent as paper but the bamboo itself grows much faster than a tree. It can take a tree decades to reach its full height. Bamboo can grow as much as a foot per day. That’s what is meant by sustainability. Bamboo can be cut down and harvested to make cleaning products while being continuously re-planted and re-grown.

Effectiveness of Green Products

There are certain instances where the environmentally friendly products are not as effective as some of their dirtier counterparts. However, that simply means that the house cleaners need to know which products they are using and why. For example, bases such as soap cut through grease much more effectively than acids such as vinegar. As long as they are using the correct green product for the correct application, they should all be just as effective as the harsher chemicals.

Finding a green cleaning service in Boise shouldn’t be difficult. Simply call a few local companies and ask the right questions. You’ll know if they are or if they just say they are!


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