If you are looking for a housecleaner, you have two basic options. You can hire a company or you can hire an individual. There are definite benefits to both of them. There are also some companies that consist only of one person; that’s a sole proprietorship company. They’re not much different than just hiring a freelance individual.

Advantages to Hiring a Company

When you hire a housecleaning company, you are going to have many more options than if you just hire an individual person. For example, they’ll likely have several employees, which means they’ll be able to provide you with a  wide range of dates and times for your cleaning.

Also, a company will likely have more than one house cleaner for reach job. If that’s the case, they might be able to handle a job in much less time than an individual would.

Lastly, a company will likely have a more formal pay structure. They’ll likely have a set non-negotiable rate for the basic services and fees for additional services. You’ll likely be able to pay on a website or some kind of payment plan. It’s typically pretty structured and easy to use. Hiring a housekeeping company in Boise should be easy for the homeowner or business owner!

Advantages to Hiring an Individual

Hiring an individual can mean either a company that is owned by the operator or just hiring a freelancer. If you do that, you will likely have more flexibility in terms of payments and fees. For example, the freelancer might offer a set fee for cleaning a refrigerator. However, you might be able to negotiate a different fee if you can prove the refrigerator is smaller than normal or that it’s actually very easy to clean. The individual employees of a company typically can’t alter the rates this way.

With an individual freelancer, you’ll also know exactly who is coming to your house. A company might send whichever employee they have available. If you’ve developed a good rapport with your freelancer, it’s nice to know that person will always be the one coming in.

A freelancer is often less flexible in terms of dates and times since they’re the only person doing the work. However, they are also often more accommodating for unusual requests. For example, if you forget to pull your trash to the curb one day, you would ask a freelancer to do that. Companies often regulate tightly what they can and cannot do. That’s not a license to take advantage of a freelancer, though. You should always accommodate them for extra requests.

These are just a few of the advantages of companies and individuals.