We make important decisions with every dollar we spend. Whether we are buying groceries, clothing, or hiring someone to clean our homes, we have the choice to spend our money locally or with national, or even international, companies. While some items are nearly impossible to buy locally, the same is not necessarily true when hiring services. There are many local service providers in your area that are locally owned and operated. There are many advantages to keeping your investment closer to home. Here are just a few reasons to hire a local Boise maid service when you need help keeping your home tidy or want to reclaim some of your hard earned time!

More of Your Money is Reinvested Locally

Keeping your money working in our local community is vital to making our Boise area economy strong. Hiring national chains means more of your money leaves the area versus staying here! Recent reports show as much as $68 of every $100 you spend with a local business stays here in our community. When you hire a franchise or national chain, only $43 or so stays in the Boise economy. Local business owners tend to hire other local businesses for service because they know the struggle themselves. They know what it means to make payroll, pay rent, and all of the other associated costs of being in business.

Maid Service References are More Easily Verified

Ever wonder if references or reviews are real? We all have! When you hire a local company, it is much easier to ask for verified references because it is possible to go and see the work for yourself. That may be a little more difficult for a maid service because not just anyone lets strangers into their homes, but it works for many other services. Lawn care companies display their work daily in homes and businesses across the community. It is easy to see if they are doing a good job! Same for roofers, window cleaners, and other exterior services. If you were so inclined, you could ask for a personal visit to verify a reference. Small business owners know their reputation is on the line every day.

Meet the Owners

Many small business owners live and work in the communities they serve. It is much easier to meet the person, or people, behind the scenes when working with a locally owned company. A 2018 article points out that “96 percent of consumers think local businesses provide more personalized service than national chains.” Good things happen when the owner is more engaged with the day-to-day operations!

Hire a Locally Owned Boise House Cleaning and Maid Service

There is franchise after franchise house cleaning firms working in the Treasure Valley. Many times, these owners do not live and work here in the Boise area. A larger portion of your investment goes to communities outside of Boise instead of staying here and helping us grow our community. Help your community by hiring local services whenever possible. Hiring a locally owned Boise maid service is a great way to start!