You’ve decided that it’s time to hire some help to clean your home. You’re tired of working all day, just to come home and clean your house all evening and weekend. Now you’re wondering if you should hire a professional housekeeping service or should you pay a single person, perhaps a friend for this job. That’s a tough question. It depends on what you’re looking for. The one advantage that most single person cleaning companies, or friends in this case, typically have is price. They have less overhead, therefore they can charge less. While this sounds good, there are some considerations to keep in mind prior to entering into an agreement with an individual to clean your home. Here are just a few.


Insurance and bonding is important! Some homeowners forget that accidents happen. When something in your home is accidently broken by one of your maids, a professional maid service will likely have sufficient insurance to cover the loss. Perhaps they damage one of the finishes in your home. Again, if you hire a single individual that does not have insurance in place, you may end up paying for the damage yourself. Bonds may also cover possible theft by employees of the company. It all comes down to what you are willing to risk.


If you live on a schedule, then you’ll expect your regularly cleanings to be on-time and within the set window of time given to the house cleaning company. A team of maids will have an easier time adjusting for personnel shortages (sickness, jury duty, etc) than a one-person show will. Part of your agreement with the cleaner(s) will likely be to clean your home on a certain day of the week between specific hours. If an individual is sick and cannot keep their commitment, then you’ll be the one to feel the impact.


It is important to know who is in your home. Maid services and individual cleaners alike have practically unrestricted access to your home while they are going about their duties. Trust is a big part of what you get when hiring a cleaning company that specializes in this work. You can depend on them doing the due diligence prior to hiring the cleaner as their company representative. They cannot afford a bad reputation and will do everything in their power to avoid making a bad hire.