Twenty, or even ten, years ago, house cleaning service was considered a luxury. It was something that you could pay for instead of cleaning your own house on the weekends. That’s definitely true thirty or more years ago. Now, with the job market and the economy the way they are, it has moved from a luxury and closer to a necessity. There are several converging factors that make it a brilliant time to become a house cleaner. For one, jobs have come to rely less on the 9 to 5 schedule. Many people have steady employment that is just not on that schedule. Others work in what is called the gig economy; they work haphazard hours on an unpredictable schedule. Also, two income households are become more normal than ever before. So, you might have a married couple in a house but neither one of them has time to clean. Those are all realities that make it a great time to become a house cleaner.


Social Media Is a Must

 Social media a  few years ago was something that was nice to have but not necessary. Customers now want to be able to look you up, look at recommendations from past customers, and then contact you. They also want to be able to type to you; they don’t usually want to talk. There are several reasons that people have become less comfortable talking on the phone. For one, typing leaves a record. You can quote prices, send data, and recommend different links. A strong social media presence makes it easier to contact you and to share information; that makes it more likely you’ll get hired.


Expectations Are Higher

 Freelance markets have exploded on the internet. You can find someone to do just about anything you can think of. That means that there are dozens of people in your area who are cleaning houses poorly and for very low wages. That sounds like it might be a bad thing,but it can actually work in your favor. Most customers have experience with inferior service from a poorly-paid freelancer. That means they’re now willing to pay higher wages but their expectations will be higher. If you can deliver on those expectations, you’ll have an easier time getting paid well. A lower barrier to entry means that lower quality work has grown; you’ll look great in comparison.

Now is a great time for a quality house cleaner to grow their business.