Boise house cleaning and housekeeping is the main focus for Happy Homes Maid Service. As a local business with over 20 years of experience in the area, we are dedicated to helping our neighbors and community keep up with their cleaning in order to feel more organized, spend their time doing the things they love, and lead healthier lives. Our 24 Steps to Healthy Homes cleaning system has proven time and time again to our clients that they will receive the best care from Happy Homes.



Additionally, our sustainability and eco-friendly cleaning practices are some that are not often seen in the cleaning industry. We only use the highest quality cleaning products to ensure your home is never infiltrated with any unnecessary chemicals. Sanitizing and disinfecting your home, along with our equipment as we go, is of the utmost importance to us for a proper clean. Our routes are specially organized to reduce gas consumption and be as efficient as possible. Recycling rags and refilling cleaning bottles are just some more of the ways we do business in an environmentally friendly way.


Our Boise house cleaning services don’t just extend to wiping off banisters or doing the dishes – Happy Homes works to ensure your home is clean from floor to ceiling. That could include vacuuming, deep cleaning appliances, wiping down windows, scrubbing carpets, sanitizing bathrooms, or whatever your specific home needs. Every home is unique, and we treat our clients and their business as such! The integrity and quality work we do is the best in our community.


While we aren’t the only maid service here, we are the only home cleaning service that focuses every part of their business completely on the customer. Our community has come to know Happy Homes as an honest and transparent company. With that being said, everything we do is for the benefit of our customers. That includes all of the various services we provide, along with our special loyalty program (the only one like it in Boise!). We want our customers to trust in our cleaning services as much as we do and continue to invite us back to help them over and over again!

Let us make the dirtiest parts of your home some of the cleanest! We’ll work with your schedule for the best time to clean. House cleaning is critical in the upkeep of your home, especially when you have kids or pets running around. Maintaining a cleaning regimen with other people can be extremely time consuming and exhausting, especially when you already work full time. By using Happy Homes to do your Boise housekeeping, you know your home will look its very best at every point in the day.


Happy Homes’ Boise housekeeping doesn’t just mean we’ll do our very best to make your home sparkle – it also means we’ll take care of your home like it is our own. We are dedicated to keeping our clients happy with every aspect of the work we do, from start to finish.


We never leave a job until our clients are happy with the end results. Our mission is to continuously exceed your expectations every time during your scheduled cleaning. If a client is ever unhappy with their cleaning, we will come back and reclean it absolutely free of charge.


Our favorite aspect of our business is how our clients react after we have cleaned their home. As a local business dedicated to keeping their customers happy, seeing those smiling faces lets us know we’re doing a good job!

We want our services to be used by everyone – not just the elite. Because of this, we have carefully selected prices that are affordable for all! Each client is quoted a special price based off of the specific needs they have within their home. We coordinate with the clients for the perfect time to clean without disrupting their schedule, and we go to work doing what we do best!

We are the only maid service in the area that offers a loyalty program to our customers. During every Boise house cleaning, we leave a Happy Homes loyalty card. When a customer collects 25 of these cards, they can receive 25% off of their next scheduled cleaning. For those that have been with us since 2000, you can see how this adds up!

Our guarantee states that if a customer is not 100% happy with the services we have provided them, we will reclean it for free. However, our goal is for this to never have to happen – we specially train our employees to provide our customers with the very best experiences.


Our employees go through rigorous training programs and are paired with experienced team leaders in order to learn the proper techniques and processes unique to Happy Homes. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for ways to better our 24 Steps to Healthy Homes method because we believe that there’s always room for improvement.

Boise house cleaning is an important part of our business – and our employees are carefully chosen to uphold the Happy Homes track record of happy customers. See our Google reviews for yourself. You’ll see that we have the best cleaning team in the maid service industry!