There is no set standard for the price of housekeeping across the United States. Costs of living are drastically different in different parts of the country, which leads to radically different prices. Also, the way that housekeepers charge can differ from business to business. There are some general rules of thumb, but they’re not ironclad. For example, you will likely pay more if you hire a cleaning company as opposed to an independent contractor. There will be some added assurances if you hire a company but you will pay more. Here’s how much you should be paying, in general terms.

How Housekeepers Charge

There are three basic ways that housekeepers can charge for their services. They can charge by the hour, by the square foot, or by the task. If you are being charged by the hour, the national average is about $26 per hour in the United States. However, that obscures a very wide range of prices. Some housekeepers charge about $15 per hour on the lower end. Others on the higher end charge about $85 per hour.

The differences in fees occurs because of the part of the country, the amount of cleaning, and the type of cleaning. In more expensive parts of the country, obviously laborers have to charge more for their labor in order to live there. Companies that clean the insides of ovens, the insides of refrigerators, and the outsides of windows will likely charge more for their time because those things are more difficult than routine cleaning. Finally, companies that do specialty cleaning, such as all-natural cleaning, often charge more because their products cost more.

Housecleaners can also charge by the square foot. Prices then range from about $15 per 100 square feet to $25. Lastly, they might charge by the task. An oven cleaning might have a set price, vacuuming might have a set price, and so on. To find a more specific price for a Boise housekeeper, you’ll need to call around to determine the local average.

Which to Choose?

If you are given the option, you should do some math before deciding how you would like to be charged. For example, if you have 1000 square feet that you need cleaned, that will be between $150 and $250 dollars if you’re charged by the foot. A typical home cleaning takes about two hours. So, if they charge the national average of $26 per hour, it will cost you about $50 by the hour. However, if you need a deep cleaning done, that could take hours and hours. That would change your calculations.

You should shop around as much as possible. Also, measure the square footage of your house to get an idea of how much space you’ll need cleaned.