Everyone loves the feeling of coming home to a freshly cleaned house – especially when you didn’t have to do the cleaning yourself! When using a Boise house cleaner like Happy Homes Maids, your house gets its routine cleaning without the hassle of doing it on your own. However, your home can only stay clean for so long when you don’t have a live-in maid (like most of us!). Based off of our expert team members, we have gathered the best tips on how to keep your home sparkly clean between the times that we come out to help.

Keep Surfaces Uncluttered

Refrain from creating piles of things on your surfaces. It can be so easy to start piles of junk in your home when you feel like you don’t have time to put things away. Keep clutter under controlInstead, focus more on the one extra step to take to keep it out of your line of sight once you’re done with something – whether that’s scooping it into the trash, throwing a cup in the dishwasher, placing the piece of mail in a drawer, or even just stacking the coasters together.

Keep Laundry Under Control

Get in a habit of doing laundry that you like to do. Everyone dreads doing laundry, but leaving clothes strewn about your bedroom can feel cluttery and unkempt. Instead, incorporate it into your routine! Fold your clothes while sitting down to watch your nightly show or combine everyone’s together and create an assembly line with other members of your family to make folding go faster.

Watch Your Pet’s Fur

Keep pet fur under controlBe conscious of your pet’s fur. Your pet is a large part of your life – but somehow, it can be SO easy to turn a blind eye to bunches of hair piling up underneath chairs and in the corners of rooms. Make sure you are routinely getting your animals groomed to cut back on excessive hair and consider getting a self-monitored vacuum like a Roomba.

Clean as You Go

As messes are made, go ahead and clean them up. One of the biggest examples of this is for in the kitchen as you are cooking a meal for the family. While you are cooking keep a dish cloth and cleaner handy to clean up food splatters. As you get in the habit of cleaning as you go, you’ll feel much less overwhelmed once the food is done because you won’t have much else to clean!

Remove Shoes at the Door

Rather than keeping your shoes on throughout the house, take your shoes off at the door. In doing so, you cut back on the amount of dirt, mud, and outside debris from being able to come inside. If you have animals, use a special mat and towel at the front door to wipe down their paws before they are allowed to come in as well.

Inventory Your Perishable Food

Take stock weekly of the state of the food in your fridge. Rather than waiting multiple months between each time your purge outdated food from your fridge, think about doing so right before you go to the store every week (or every other week). This way you know what is missing from your fridge so you don’t overbuy, and you are aware of what isn’t typically getting eaten enough to warrant another purchase. For picky eaters, this is important!

Set a Cleaning Schedule

Pick a day every week to sweep and mop. Instead of haphazardly cleaning your floors as they become so dirty that it’s easily noticeable for anyone visiting, maintaining your floors routinely makes it easier and faster to do so. Sweeping first allows the majority of dirt to be cleaned, while mopping afterwards will get the dried/stuck debris off the floor.

For families with children AND animals, it can be extremely hard to keep up a clean house between Boise house cleaner visits. In these situations, we recommend creating a checklist and incorporating cleaning into your schedules! If your children are old enough, finding a way to involve them within the cleaning is also a great way to instill responsibility and teach them great life skills at a young age as well. Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring, either. When the whole family is involved, it can be a fun activity everyone enjoys!

The best way not to get overwhelmed when it comes to maintaining a clean home is to break it down into simple steps. Rather than trying to get all of your cleaning done in one day, do some things here and there as it makes sense in your schedule. Additionally, cleaning as you make a mess is a great way to keep from needing to go back and do it later. Maintain what comes into your home – like mail, excessive shopping, etc. – that will only clutter up your space. As soon as you wake up, make your bed. In doing so, you will start the day off in a mindset of equalizing the impact you have on your surroundings.

Hire a Boise House Cleaning Company for Regular Cleanings

In all reality, however, your home will never be absolutely, perfectly clean (but that’s okay!). As we live in a home, we make it our own. If we felt like we constantly had to clean, we would never feel at peace in our home. Finding that line between lived in and time to clean is one we all struggle with sometimes but using a Boise house cleaner allows us to feel on top of the worst of it. Combining the deep cleanings that Happy Homes Maids provides along with what you can do in between  those visits is the best way to maintain your home for the length of time you live there. If you ever feel that there are some tasks you can just never get to on your own, consider increases the number of visits you have scheduled with your maid service company. Not only can it cut back on the amount of time your home can get out of control but will make you feel more on top of the cleanliness of your home.