Tips and tricks for maintaining your home in just five minutes per day.

1- Always make your bed. An unmade bed can make even the cleanest room feel messy. In many bedrooms the bed is the biggest surface and keeping your surfaces tidy is vital to keeping your space feeling clean. It just takes a minute per day to make your bed.

2- Wash one load of laundry per day. Take the time each day to start one load of laundry. You may want to run the laundry in the mornings while you are getting the kids ready for school or prefer to wash it after dinner during the bedtime cool down. One way to make this even easier is to keep the households laundry sorted into separate laundry baskets each day. Then it is simple as throwing the laundry in, adding the soap and pushing start. Then you will never have a mountain of unwashed clothes and be able to keep the house cleaner and your closets full of fresh clean clothes.

3- Put things away as you use them. Take the time to rehang clothes you tried on but decided not to wear, put toys away as they are used, keep your toothpaste tucked away in a drawer not on the bathroom sink and other similar items put away. This helps to keep messes from building up around the house and the whole house will feel easier.

4- Load the dishes as you finish eating. Dirty dishes can make the kitchen feel much messier than it is. Keeping the dishes rinsed and tucked into the dishwasher as you go can be a big help with keeping your kitchen clean. Start the dishwasher every night and unload it each morning. By keeping the sink clear of dirt dishes you will have a much cleaner kitchen.

5- Keep your car tidy. Remove trash and take out unwanted or unneeded items like extra coats, sporting equipment or other things than may clutter your car. Keep a trash bag and wipes for tidying up in the car. Keeping the car tidy can really help you feel more put together and organized.