Pets are a happy addition to your home, but they are not without their messes! Pets have a special place in our hearts but create additional cleaning to remove hair, stains, accidents, footprints and any other messes they create. Depending on the species and breed, hair can be an especially challenging task to keep on top of. If you’re like most of us and have an extremely busy lifestyle, a professional cleaning service is a great option for normal cleaning, but especially for homes that have a furry friend or two running around the house!

While a good maid service can tackle the hair, messes and more, they should also provide additional considerations for pets. They should provide cleaning supplies that are safe for humans and pets alike. Some of the additional services they may provide to help combat pet hair and messes include:

  • Powerful vacuums to remove dander and allergens
  • Clean under beds and furniture to completely remove pet hair
  • Pet safe cleaning products
  • Thorough dusting to remove all dirt and dust that pets may bring into your home
  • Scrub hard surface flooring to remove footprints
  • Remove nose and paw prints from the primary outside door (for dogs)

Our goal is to allow you to enjoy your pet and all they bring to your life, while keeping your home as clean as you are accustomed to. If you are considering adding a cleaning service to help with your pet messes you will want to consider a weekly or bi-monthly cleaning. We can help keep pet odors at bay, tackle the hair and let you fully enjoy everything that your wonderful animals bring to the family. A pet friendly cleaner is a great addition to your lifestyle. If you’re in the Boise, Meridian, or Nampa area, give Happy Homes a call for a free in-home consultation.