It’s inevitable anytime you have someone working in your home, that something may be broken. They lift things, dust under them, clean things, dust around them and wipe them down all day long. If you lift items and put them back down thousands of times every day, you are inevitably going to break one or two of them. Your maid is no different. There are a few ways to respond to your maid breaks something. The first thing to do is to talk to your maid before things get broken.

Do a Walk-Through

You should do a walk through of your house. Your maid will likely have questions, and there are things that you need to make clear. For example, you should let them know what items are already broken. It’s not uncommon for an item to be cracked or slightly broken and to be sitting gingerly in place. If that is the case, you want to point it out to the maid so they do not think they broke it. Also, you might ask them to avoid that item altogether so that it does not break further. You should indicate which items are very fragile, if they’re not obviously breakable.

Also, make sure you are clear about which pictures or mirrors are hanging on the wall as opposed to affixed to the wall firmly. If something is hanging on the wall but it looks nailed down, the maid might try to clean it without bracing it and knocking it off. You should also make sure to let them know which items are irreplaceable. It’s probably in your best interest to just leave a note on the item asking your maid not to touch it at all.

Call the Maid

If your maid is self-employed and breaks something, the first thing you should do is call them. If they told you about the break when it happened, work with them to remedy the situation. If they didn’t tell you, call them up. They might have just forgotten to let you know.

Call the Employer

If the maid is not self-employed, their company will have insurance on their employees. The insurance should cover the expense of whatever was broken. They’ll also have more levers for keeping your maid accountable.  Professional maid service companies know occasional breakage is a part of the business, and have systems in place to care for you as the customer, and to be fair to the employee.

Breaking things is a sad reality that you will have to live with. You can reduce the danger to your items by being clear about what is breakable and what cannot be replaced.