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There are several assumptions people make about maids; those assumptions can backfire and lead to unsatisfactory service. Some things, such as broken items, is a mistake that can’t be avoided. However, if the maid rusted your cast iron skillet, it could be because he or she doesn’t know that much about cleaning. Depending on where you hire the maid from, they might not know much more than you do about cleaning.

1 – Some Maids Aren’t Trained

Some moms don’t ever receive training in how to clean. For the most part, it’s pretty straightforward. However, certain items need special care. For example, acid-based cleaners shouldn’t be used on hardwood. That’s a thing a maid needs to be taught. To ensure that your maid knows this, you should ask the firm you hire from about the training process.

2 – Some Maids Are Freelancers

Many cleaning services subcontract their labor to freelancers who they pay per job. Alternately, they might hire an entirely separate firm to supply their maids. Either one of those practices is generally fine; however, you need to ask about it before you hire the service. You should ask them if they subcontract at all. If they do, you should ask about the vetting process for picking their freelancers. You should also ask if someone other than the person you hire might come to your house. For example, you might do a walk-through and an estimate with one person, but circumstances might necessitate they send someone else. You should know who’s in your house.

3 – Some Maids Aren’t Bonded and Insured

Bonding and insuring a maid means that if the maid breaks something, it will be covered by the agency. Some maids aren’t bonded and insured for different reasons. Some firms hire freelancers who don’t have to be insured. Others simply don’t insure their employees because it’s more expensive. You need to make sure that you know which one you’re getting. You might save money with an uninsured maid, but you might have to come out of your own pocket to pay for broken items.

4 – You Might Be The Employer

If you are hiring someone to clean your house, the IRS will tax you if you pay over a certain amount. The amount varies depending on your state and the nature of the work. You should be aware of that, though. If you hire a freelance maid for over about $1,800 a year, you might legally be an employer. If you don’t pay the proper taxes, you might accidentally commit tax evasion.