The real question is, “do married couples fight over a dirty house?” The answer to that question is yes! Especially in today’s world where both spouses typically work long hours. When it comes time to clean the house, nobody wants to get moving and it can cause a lot of stress between the couple.

Someone Will Get the Blame

Regardless of gender roles, typically someone in the relationship tends to be cleaner than the other. This can lead to serious relationship problems if left unchecked. The messiness may be as a result of undiagnosed depression or poor communication between the spouses. No matter the reason, a dirty house can cause a multitude of domestic problems.

Hire Professional Cleaning Help

While some may see this as fixing the symptom, hiring a professional house cleaner, or maid service, could help ease some of the pain. It will still be up to the members of the family to keep the house uncluttered and do daily chores like dishes and laundry, but a maid service will keep your home at a level of cleanliness you never thought possible. A simple phone call could end the dread of coming home to a dirty home. An article in the UK Daily Mail pointed out that three in ten couples split up over cleaning and household chores!

One Less Thing to Worry About

After hiring a maid service, you’ll never have to worry about cobwebs in the corners of your windows. Your toilets and tubs will look great much longer than before. The deep cleaning that really takes your time will be handled on a regular basis. This will give you more time to enjoy your home rather than working on it!

If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to cleaning your home, give Happy Homes Maids a call today. Our team will give you a free in-home consultation and help you put together a plan to ease some of your stress.