It might seem counter-intuitive that you should prepare your house before the house cleaners show up; however, it can be important for several different reasons. You should put certain breakables away, perhaps hide something valuable, and also clean up certain things. Here is what you should do before your first meeting with a new house cleaner.

Fragile Items

There are certain fragile items that you should put away or at least label when you prepare for your housekeepers. If you haven’t worked with this particular housekeeper before, you might not know how they work. You might be worried that they’ll accidentally break fragile items. So, there are a couple of options. You can put your fragile items away before the housekeeper shows up. Put them into a drawer or closet and clearly label that you don’t want the housekeeper to open that closet. Alternately, you could use sticky notes on each fragile item. Put a nice note indicating that you don’t want the housekeeper to touch them.

It’s important that you talk to the housekeeper before the first cleaning. That’s the best way to establish your boundaries. The sticky notes or the closet should just be a reminder of things to which you’ve already agreed.

Secure Valuable Items

If you have hired your housekeeper from a respectable service, you shouldn’t have to worry about theft. The same is true of an independent housekeeper who is well recommended by people you trust. However, if you are still worried, you should put away valuable items. The best option is to put them into a drawer or a closet and lock the door.

It’s better to hire a trustworthy housekeeper from a reliable housekeeping service or one who is well-recommended.

Clean Up a Little

It’s definitely counter-intuitive to clean up before the housekeeper shows up, but it can be important for several reasons. It’s important to clean up before your maid shows up because you don’t want the maid to spend too much time on things that you could do for yourself. If the cleaners charge by the hour, the amount of time they spend will obviously increase the amount of money you spend. If the cleaner charges based on the difficulty of the job, you’ll also end up spending more money.

Before the first cleaning, talk to the housekeeper about how much they will clean of your house. Doing a quick cleaning will make their job easier, save you money, and make the entire process go more quickly.