You’ve Hired a Maid Service…Now What?

If you have hired a maid service you may be wondering just how much cleaning up you should do before they arrive. While you don’t need to clean your home before the service arrives having the house straightened up is a good idea. The amount of cleaning you do will directly affect how much time they need to spend in your home which will relate to increased costs and less cleaning done.

Most customers like to do a general de-cluttering before the maid service arrives. Putting toys in bins, clothes in hampers or drawers and stacking paperwork in the kitchen. One tip that customers find useful is to tidy up as if you had 10 minute warning that an unexpected guest was coming. This basic clean up strategy gives the maid service a good area to work in and allow them to spend time on important cleaning tasks rather than straightening.

One pro tip that can be very helpful is to set a timer for 10 minutes, get a large bin like a laundry basket and start at one side of the house. Grab all the items that don’t belong and work your way through the house removing stray items and putting them where they belong.

Cleaning crews generally scrub, polish and vacuum your space. Because they don’t live in your home it can be challenging for them to know where toys go, what paper work is trash and what should be kept and other more personal tasks, so they are trained to not move your personal items out of place, but to only clean cleared spaces. If you run out of time to straighten before the crew arrives you may want to provide them with a large basket that they can place stray items in. Then you can put those items away later and they can get to the cleaning tasks the were hired for.

In the end the cleaning crew can likely work with what ever you have for them. Talk with them and figure out the best options for your home and lifestyle.


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