The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Freelance Maid

If you’ve decided to hire a housekeeper or to move on from your current housekeeper, you have two basic options. You can hire a freelancer or you can hire someone who works for a company. Each option has benefits and disadvantages. If you’re going to hire a freelancer, here are the pros and cons.

Pay Flexibility

 When a housekeeper works for a larger company, they likely have firm payment schedules that are not very flexible. They’ll charge by the hour or by the job and certain tasks will cost certain amounts. Generally, it’s not negotiable. With a freelancer, however, you’ll have more flexibility. That does not mean you can change after the work is done or that you should treat them differently than a company. It simply means that you’ll be able to negotiate on the price or the payment schedule with a freelancer. You can agree on something that is more tailored to you and works better for you both.

For example, cleaning an oven is an intense process that often costs extra with a maid. However, a freelancer might have the freedom to inspect your oven and charge you less than they would normally. Alternately, they have the freedom to charge you more if it’s a bigger job.

Less Insurance

 Maids are often insured against broken items. If they work for a company and break something while cleaning, the company will generally cover the value of that item. If they are freelancers, they might have less insurance or no insurance at all. That will increase the risk to you but it could also lower the cost of hiring them.

Finding Backups

 If you hire a company, there will be multiple housekeepers who work there. So, if your usual housekeeper is out sick or on vacation, you’ll still be able to get your house cleaned by someone else. If you hire a freelancer, there’s a chance that he or she will not have a backup to cover for them. So, if they’re sick or on vacation, you could just be out of luck.

Greater Specificity

 There are restrictions on what housekeepers who work for companies can do. There are sometimes restrictions on how long they can be at each job as well. Alternately, a freelancer can agree on different amount of specificity. If you need something cleaned in a certain way, you might need a freelancer who will agree to it.


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