Clients who are hiring their first housekeepers often wonder if they’re supposed to provide the cleaning supplies or if the housekeeper brings them. The answer is not a simple yes or no. It’s a mixture of the two depending on what you need and on who you hire.


Typical Situation

 A typical housekeeping situation involves the housekeeper bringing some of the supplies and you providing other supplies. Usually, a housekeeper will tell you what chemicals, supplies, and tools that they will need to properly clean your house. That usually involves some microfiber cloths, a vacuum, a mop and bucket, rubber gloves, brushes, window cleaner, surface cleaner, and a mild abrasive. That about covers a typical home cleaning kit. Many housekeeping companies are willing to bring everything they need to clean your house effectively, but they will charge you a surcharge for those supplies. You can provide the chemicals and supplies yourself to avoid the surcharge.

However, if you say you will provide the supplies but fail to do so, that could void any guarantee for the quality of the surface. Alternately, they might end up using their own supplies and charging you anyway.

Lastly, some companies will demand that you have certain supplies in your house while bringing other supplies with them. Those supplies are typically a broom and a mop. That’s because brooms and mops are used to clean up pet hair. Some clients are allergic to pet hair. They could accidentally transfer pet dander from one house to the next, which could be a problem.


Special Requests


All of that is altered if you have some kind of special request. For example, you might want the housekeeper to only use green, environmentally friendly products. If they’re a green housekeeping company, then that’s not a problem. If they’re not, you’ll need to provide all of the cleaning chemicals.

Also, if you have allergies or sensitivities, you’ll need to let your housekeeper know about it. That could alter which chemicals they use; if you have very specific sensitivities, they might require you to provide the chemicals.

Lastly, many companies are very hesitant about bleach. Obviously many people are sensitive to bleach and it can damage certain fabrics or surfaces. If you insist on the use of bleach, they might ask that you provide it yourself. Alternately, they might require that you waive any liability for bleach damage.