When interviewing a new maid service you may wonder what questions are important to ask. These questions can save you headaches down the road.

1- Are your insured? Are you bonded? This question is vital to protecting yourself. The company you are hiring should have worker’s compensation insurance and liability. Worker’s comp is really important for keeping you from being held liable for any job-related injuries. Some homeowners insurance may cover these costs but does not always cover people working in the home.

2- What cleaning products do you use? Many cleaning services use their own cleaning products. If you have specific cleaning needs like green products, speciality cleaners for surfaces in your home or other preferences you will want to discuss this during the interview.

3- What references can you provide? References are so important when hiring a service like a cleaning service. They will be in your home and you will want to make sure you can trust them. Also look at online reviews, ask for recommendations from friends or on Facebook. Sites like yelp, angieslist and other service websites can be good for finding reviews and references.

4- How do you select your staff? Are they background checked? A background check can be vital to ensuring your cleaning service is a good choice. You will be allowing these people in your home, often unsupervised and for peace of mind it is nice to know they are background checked and often times drug screened.

5- Do you have certifications or training? This is a newer concept but many cleaning services are starting to add certifications to their resumes. These trainings and certificates are for skill, professionalism and safety.

6- What is the cost? When you call they will likely give you a basic quote and then when they come to your home for an interview you will be able to get a concrete price. If they are unwilling to do the project on a flat fee you may have to do an hourly cost. When working with them on the hourly cost ask them to set a cap of how many hours they can work on your home at any given time to ensure there is no big sticker shock.

7- How can I get ahold of you? Now that you have set up an interview you likely have the company’s phone number but you may need contact information for your specific crew. Make sure you have this info in case you have questions, last minute cancellations or other issues arise. Open communication lines are vital in this industry.

These questions should help you get through the basics of any maid service interview.