While it may sound like a cliché, spring really is “right around the corner.” It is that annual time of year when cleaning your home becomes the focus of many people’s energy. To help make the most out of your spring cleaning, Happy Homes Maids offer the following tips.

Have a plan

Having a house cleaning plan will make your spring cleaning efforts more fruitful. Break your home down into bite-size pieces that can be easily managed. Determine whether individuals will clean sections by themselves or if they will clean individual sections as a team. Keep in mind that some rooms will take more time than others. For instance, your kitchen will likely to take more time than your bedroom. Determine how much time you plan to allow for the entire project, then schedule specific rooms within that time frame.

De-clutter when possible

The less stuff you have, the less time it takes to clean. Any time you have an opportunity to make decisions about the items in your home, ask yourself whether you should keep everything that you have. While much of what you own may be necessary to keep, there will be many items that you can simply do without. By reducing the clutter in your home there will be less surface area for dust to collect. This one simple step will save you hours of dusting for years to come.

Work inside and outside

Don’t forget to look at projects outside of your home as well. Whether you have a large yard or a small patio, there are likely areas outside that can also benefit from regular cleaning. Be sure to clean patio furniture, barbecue grills, the outside windows that are easily accessible, and storage sheds just as an example. These areas are often overlooked and will benefit greatly from regularly scheduled cleanings.

Determine a Cleaning Schedule

Once you have your home in order, put together a schedule to clean areas on a regular interval. Professional maid services and housekeeping companies live and die by schedules. There is much to do to keep a home clean and without having the benefit of a regular schedule we could not do the quality of work that is expected of us.