As the summer starts to heat up your likely have some questions about how to prepare your space for the change of seasons. There are areas you need to clear out, clean and tidy. When summer hits we all want to get the most out of our decks or patios. Starting with cleaning and inspecting this space can help you get the most out of it all season.

If you have a wood deck you will want to look for any damage the occurred over the winter. Hammer in loose nails, repair boards that have split or become loose. Give the are a good once over and then prepare for cleaning. Sweep off any debris and use a special cleaner for scrubbing outside spaces. A mild natural cleaner is a great choice but a pressure washer can work well too. Any fungus or algae will need to be properly treated.

The barbecue is another area that will need some attention. Use a non-scratch sponge or brush to scrub the grates, burgers and inside of the barbecue. Use dish soap on the inside and rinse it well with water. If there is a lot of grease build up you may want to use a de-greaser to help remove the build up. You can make a natural de-greaser with vinegar, dish soap and baking soda.

The garage is another area that will need some clearing out as summer begins. The winter can lead to a lot of build up of clutter around the garage. You will likely need to sweep the floor of the garage too to help remove salt, deicer and other debris that have dropped from your car during the colder months.

These summer preparation cleaning steps can help you prepare your home for a fun filled summer. A maid service can help keep your cleaning to a minimum and with the right clutter busting techniques you will make quick work of maintaining your home even with the change of the seasons.