Dusty areas in your home can be challenging. Dust is sneaky and can quickly build up in your home before you even notice it. Cleaning heavily dusty takes a little know how and skill. Learning where dust will likely accumulate helps you maximize your cleaning time!

Mantels and bookshelves are one of the places dust is likely to accumulate. Knickknacks, photos, holiday décor, along with other similar items tend to accumulate on these spaces and can act as a dust trap, making them hard to clean. Removing the clutter is the first step to keeping these spaces dust free. Make sure they become part of your weekly cleaning routine. Clean them with a microfiber cloth or wool duster and avoid products like wood polish or furniture polish which can trap dust with a filmy residue.

The coils on the fridge and the top of the fridge are also common places that tend to get dusty. The coils should be cleaned once or twice a year and the top should be cleaned as frequently as you see fit based on your dust accumulation.

Lighting and ceiling fans are also common places to accumulate dust. Cleaning these hard to reach fans and removing the glass to be properly cleaned can be extremely challenging. A professional cleaning service is a great option for deep cleaning the lighting fixtures, ceiling fan blades or any other hard to reach fixture.

Regularly cleaning your rugs and carpets will make a big difference in your battle against dust. Vacuuming regularly can help to prevent accumulation and should be done frequently, especially if you have pets. Dust bunnies can hide under furniture and thorough vacuuming goes a long way toward preventing too much dust from accumulating. It is also very important to clean along the edge of your carpeting twice a year. If you don’t, you’ll end up with dust pile-up that looks like a gray line along the wall!

The number one tip for preventing heavy dust buildup is to clean on a schedule. If you keep the house clean regularly there will be less of a need for a deep cleaning. A local maid service is a great option for preventing dust from building up in your home. They will maintain a regular cleaning schedule that prevents buildup over time. Without professional help, you’ll need to set a schedule and stick to it.