There are many choices to be made when cleaning your home. One of the most important is how often and what kind of cleaner will you need? Will you choose something made from strong chemical agents or a household cleaner made from natural ingredients? The best approach is to use only a product as strong as you need for the job. If you keep up with regular daily and weekly cleaning you can use mild cleaners. With less frequent cleaning, deeper cleaning and stronger cleaners may be required.  Either way you’ll want to make sure the cleaner you use is both effective in removing dirt and grime, and safe for you and your family. Here are a few natural cleaning agents to use next time you tackle your housekeeping chores!

Hardwood Floor Maintenance
Instead of using heavy chemicals that will leave a buildup on your floors, we recommend a simple solution of vinegar and water for cleaning hardwood floors. This combination will typically do a great job on removing the dirt and grime and leaving a streak free shine when buffed dry afterward. Safe and effective cleaning using two elements you likely already have in your home!
Shower and Bath Cleaning
Here is another area of your home that can be cleaned like the professionals using simple household items. A simple mixture of baking soda and vinegar works great to remove soap scum from bathroom surfaces. For more in-depth shower and bath tips, check out our previous article titled How to Clean Your Shower…Like a Pro!
No More “Blue Stuff” for Glass Cleaning
You’ll likely start to see a trend after reading this section…stock up on vinegar! Once again, a simple mixture vinegar and warm water works like a champion for cleaning many surfaces, including glass and mirrors. No more running to the store to pick up a bottle of blue window cleaner. You can keep your glass sparkling, knowing that you’re using safe products that won’t harm your family!
Carpet Stains
We all face them from time to time…carpet stains! No need to run and buy strong chemical cleaners to remove a stain! A combination of white vinegar, salt, and lavender essential oil may be all you’ll need to get a stain removed. The best approach is to clean up the spill as soon as possible. Start with blotting with a clean cloth. Remove as much as you can then clean up the remainder with the mixture of natural products. Older stains can be difficult to remove and if left too long become permanent.  Even if you don’t have mishaps, you should always have your carpets professionally steam cleaned every year.  Happy Homes is certified to help you with all kinds of carpet stains and can provide deep steam cleaning for your carpets.

Happy Homes Maids uses safe, mild cleaning products when possible.  We know this practice is good for the environment and our customers. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Interested in a professional housekeeper in Boise? Give us a call today at 208-853-0757 for a free quote and we’ll be happy to go through all of our safe cleaning practices with you!