The short answer is that a housekeeper will not cut your grass. However, there are housekeeping services that do include grass cutting if you ask them. You can hire a private freelancer as your housekeeper, or you can hire someone who works for a company. Hiring a company will give you more stable pricing and more security; however, it will limit what the housekeeper is able to do. For example, if the housekeeping service forbids its members from doing yard work, then your hands would be tied.

Ask Beforehand

When it comes to cutting your grass, cleaning your oven, or just about any other task that is beyond just cleaning surfaces in your house, you need to ask beforehand. Housekeepers generally work from a basic agreement. Before you hire a housekeeper, you should have the housekeeper come to your house and walk through it with you. As you do that, tell the housekeeper what you would like cleaned and how. Point out things that are very delicate and things you do not want the housekeeper to touch.

This is also the time to ask about cutting the grass. If the housekeeper says he or she is willing to cut your grass, you should ask about the charge.

Extra Charges

For tasks that are not normally included in a housekeeping arrangement, there are different ways the housekeeper might charge you. The housekeeper can charge simply based on time. They’ll charge you a flat rate per hour or half-hour. That means that cutting the grass will simply take more time.

However, since cutting the grass is more labor intensive than simply cleaning the house, it could be charged at a higher rate per hour. Thirdly, a housekeeper can charge you a fee for the work described. In this scenario, a housekeeper will tell you how much you’ll be charged for mowing the grass.

Similar Jobs

There are similar tasks around the house that you might be wondering about. Some people need their housekeepers do basic yard work that blends into the housekeeper’s standard job. For example, if the housekeeper needs to take out the trash, would they also take grass clippings or yard trash to the curb? Well, that’s the sort of thing you would need to ask the housekeeper about.

The most important element is communication. No matter what you might need your housekeeper to do, you should simply ask about it. Don’t expect anything to be included unless you agree beforehand.